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With a parting shot at Mount Baker, we headed down the mountain for home.

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Jim pulled over at the gates to some sort of development to let a speedier car behind him pass. I like sculpture and this one was well done. But, somehow, in the middle of this vast tract of natural beauty it seemed out of place. So metallic.

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On the way up, we made note of a turnoff to see Nooksack Falls. We drove a gravel road of hairpin turns, about a mile in to find a tumultuous mountain stream raging under a bridge.

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It was rushing and tumbling to the other side of the road, and pooling there for its great fall, but you couldn’t see the falls.

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We climbed down the other side where the park system or forest service has erected a chain link fence because it is really a dangerous spot to be. It is a triple falls. You cannot see the portion to the far left where it spills another stream of crystal clear water.

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The thinner stream to the right, seems to define its longest fall, at 80 feet according to the sign above the bridge.

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The widest portion hits a rock shelf and then joins the main stream. You can see the split where the third and smallest fall spills water over the embankment on the left. This is summer. I expect this falls is one huge gusher in winter.

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Then, off it goes, meandering on into the canyon.  It looks as though it may fall again just a short distance away to another level as it makes its way to the ocean. Falls  leave me feeling refreshed.

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The first town you come to when leaving the mountain is Glacier. Grahams is the only place to get that other kind of refreshment, which for me was a Black Butte Porter, my favorite beer. I hardly ever find it away from home. A good sign.

DSC07979 (Copy)

It is an old place, with a casual hippy look to it. And, indeed, we noted a few head bands and dreads. The walls are loaded with old historic photos, but we sat in the garden. The food choices were all healthy, reasonably priced, with intriguing selections. I had a hard time choosing between the roasted beet salad with goat cheese and the grilled polenta with kale, seasonal vegetables and poblano sauce with balsamic and parmesan cheese. It was really good.

DSC07980 (Copy)

I also ordered their bean soup which is better than what I make at home.

DSC07981 (Copy)

Jim chose the chicken quesadilla.

It was a long day and a lovely drive. Nice that it ended with good food.



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