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Portuguese Feast – New Bedford, Massachusetts – Day 2

Jim says:

Weather-wise, yesterday was the nicest day we’ve experienced in quite a while…maybe since we arrived in New England just before Memorial Day. Partly cloudy, 77 degrees, relatively low humidity and a gentle breeze…a most pleasant day!

We arrived at 4:30 PM. First activity of the day was the carne de espeto…meat on a spit…a community BBQ…kinda sorta.

Here’s cousin Bob, a Portuguese Feast veteran of 50 years with his skewer ready to go…


Here’s Mary turning our skewer…


When the meat and veggies are done, you scrape them off the skewer with a stainless steel hook device…


Then you get a large roll and create a sandwich and wash it down with some beer. Mary and I seldom eat red meat anymore…but when in Rome (New Bedford Portuguese Feast), do as the Romans do!

Next activity was the Museum of Madeiran Heritage. The Island of Madeira in Portugal is where many Portuguese originally came from.
A tapestry shows a scene from Madeira…


The Isle of Madeira is famous for its grapes and wine…


The final activity of the day was in the Museum Courtyard Cafe. We arrived early to get a front row table. Ana Vinagre (vinegar in Portuguese) sang many delightful Portuguese songs.


Then we enjoyed a group of about 25 people doing traditional Portuguese song and dance…


To see the other 24 photos I took, click this link…

Here’s the official website link for the Portuguese feast…

We arrived home at 10:00 PM…another most enjoyable day. Today we will enjoy the final day of the Portuguese Feast.

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2009
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