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Tomorrow, I fly to Murphys, CA. for a family reunion and a “catch-up” with family and friends for two weeks. Yesterday, we left Cape Cod and drove back to Ivoryton, CT., where Jim’s son lives. He will visit with his family while I’m gone. Ivoryton is within easy driving range of  Hartford’s Airport.

Changing gears is a mental exercise as well for me. Some people live the clean life. They toss things they don’t use, and forget things they don’t want to remember.
Others, like me, have bits and pieces of notes on my desk and in my brain. Items I forgot to put into a blog, or songs I want to buy, books I want to read. Signs I saw and couldn’t stop to photograph; humorous flotsam and factoids nags me. Ahhhh! Such is the life of  persons cursed with a trivia retrieval system in their brains.
Official government yellow road signs:
They warm you to think there is such regard for a deaf child and turtles.

Then the lighthouse we missed visiting, just never got there. Its called the Lovers Light; real name Minots Lighthouse. It blinks 1,4,3 which equals I Love You.

Quaint road names that make you wonder about the people they are named for, or how did they come to name it?
Moonstone Way
Old Fathers Canyon
Marys Pond
Old Aunt Page Rd.
Lucy Little Rd.

Many, many more that I didn’t write down.

Then, once in awhile, you run across a business that has an unusual name:

Angry Tomato.  Now who would want to eat at the Angry Tomato?
And, on the side of a garbage truck:
Business Stinks But Its Picking Up.
There are funnier ones on the internet.

Most whales are injured by collisions with boats. 50% of whales have scars. In 1992, a National Marine Sanctuary was established at Stellwagen Bank. We didn’t get there, either.

A sign in a town where the Police Chief is named Forth:

If you go forth with a fifth on the Fourth, you’ll meet Forth.
Well, Independence Day is close and the warning is a good thing. No?

In closing, I promised a look at some of the art glass I saw at the Sandwich Glass Museum. Its only 16 photos.

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