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15 Minute Photography Assignment #3

Three days ago I didn’t know I would be doing this. It all began while Mary was away babysitting her two grandsons…my chores were essentially done…and I had a lot of time on my hands. So I ventured out into Mary’s yard with my self-assignment of…take 15 photos in 15 minutes within a circle radius of 100 feet.

Today is my third day with the same assignment. This time all the photo were taken of/on my 1986 Ford Bronco II. I think these photos do a good job of illustrating how a photographer sees things that people who are not into photography miss as they walk through the world.

Reflections have always been a favorite subject of photographers…and I found a bunch. I urge you to click upon these 15 photos that I took in 15 minutes so that you may see them in their larger view…

It’s kind of unusual for me to have a lot of free time on my hands. I know I’m retired, but generally I’m on the go, places to see, people to meet, cleaning, preventative maintenance on both of our vehicles, a good book to read, etc… So, in the future, when I find myself in this mode…when finding something to write about for a daily Blog entry…that problem has been solved. I’ll just assign myself another 15 minute photography assignment and viola!…another blog entry.

I just love being a photographer and a full-time RVer. What a lucky guy I am!

13 days until my departure to the sunny and warm south land. Towards that departure date yesterday I drained, flushed and re-filled the hot water heater on the motorhome. We also started loading basic supplies aboard.

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Bud Kuball, a Korean War fighter pilot, and a retired career pilot for TWA, traveled to the Panama Canal and back in his motor home with Jim in 2004. Julie flew back and forth to join them several times during that 343 day trip, but not for lack of an adventurous spirit. Julie had some health problems at the time and couldn’t stay for long periods on the rough roads.
We joined them for cocktails and conversation for an afternoon with other friends of their’s and didn’t even think about taking pictures until just before time to leave. Julie, who weighs 96 pounds, is small and mighty. She likes to direct things. “No, you can’t take the picture THAT way. We have to pose.”

No, Jim, not like that…

Like this:

Bud, at 82, likes to ski and write. He publishes pieces for the TWA magazine about his world adventures, which are many. He sends them to Jim where ever he is on the road.

Their adventures in Panama have been captured in Jim’s book, which is available at:

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