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ATT00401 (Copy)

In my travels, I’ve seen some interesting signs for restrooms. People think I’m a bit daffy when I take pictures of restroom signs, but, they are so funny. How can I resist? This is a small part of my collection. None have been edited. I have chores galore these days, so not much happening at home. I hope you find them amusing, too.

ATT00405 (Copy)

Pretty graphic, but understandable in every language.

ATT00407 (Copy)


ATT00403 (Copy)


ATT00411 (Copy)

I dragged this one off the internet, proving that I’m not the only one who chuckles at His and Hers.

ATT00413 (Copy)


ATT00415 (Copy)


ATT00409 (Copy)

So discreet.

ATT00417 (Copy)

Well, they got Red Riding Hood and the Wolf right. He is following her. More tomorrow.


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