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Dear Friends, my normal activities have been drastically hampered by my inability to climb stairs, walk any distance without pain, and carry any weight, etc.  My first visit to a chiropractor was while I was on the road in Ashland, Kentucky. I’ve had steady treatments since returning to Murphys. For those familiar with chiropractic treatments, it is muscular, hands on  manipulation of the skeletal structure.

IMG_6853 (Copy)

Meet Dr. John Souza of Soulsbyville, CA. who is a hands-off practitioner of chiropractic and a trainer using a SpineForce 3-D Rehabilitation machine developed through the Space Program.  But, first, the hands-off. He uses a Mach Gun to shoot my spine and loosen  any mis-alignments.

IMG_6857 (Copy)

Then he seats me next to a machine called a Pro-Adjuster. The prongs vibrate 12-15 times per second and record each vertebrae in graph form.

IMG_6862 (Copy)

It shows my spine is out of alignment in in the left window. Each bone is registered. (click to enlarge pictures if you like.)

IMG_6874 (Copy)

After applying the adjuster to each out-of-line vertebrate, it was visible on the screen. Now the look more like a string of pearls. The Red T1 shows a vertebrae that would not move.

IMG_6856 (Copy)

Dr. Souza uses a different tip of the prong for my neck and base of the skull. The device did not take away the pain from my neck. He realized it was coming from my jaw and he tested my jaw and applied pressure to it. I’ll have another treatment on Friday.

IMG_6877 (Copy)

Then he worked on both hips.  Not only is the adjuster more affective, but it is faster as well.

IMG_6878 (Copy)

Then he introduced me to the SpineForce 3D training machine. It was very hard for me. He explained that there is a learning curve.

IMG_6881 (Copy)

You have to co-ordinate pulling with one hand, pushing with the other in a balanced way with feedback from the machine recording your efforts. The brain has to be engaged. I had to bend my knees slightly but he kept the platform still for this first experience.

IMG_6890 (Copy)

It is kind of like patting your tummy and rubbing your head in a circular motion like we did when we were kids.  The red lights show uneven results. The right hand push gave me lights in the target, but no bulls-eye.

IMG_6892 (Copy)

Here the lights show even strength but nowhere near the bulls-eye goal.

IMG_6893 (Copy)

And here, for one brief second, I got the green lights in the bulls-eye and equal strength all around. My neighbor, Jan Stewart accompanied me and took the pictures. I don’t know how she managed to get the one photo of that brief second, but she did. The SpineForce 3D three dimensionally targets the 180 deep spinal muscles and is designed to train you to use them in a coordinated way. Work on the trainer strengthens and restores core strength, rehabs back and shoulder injuries and neuromuscular balance disorders such as in MS. The device basically treats 180 muscles at the same time and improves the function of  stabilizing back muscles. Along with spinal adjustments, the trainer can alleviate pain and serve as an anti-aging device. Sounds good to me.

There is a video demonstrating the device on-line if you are interested. You can buy the 2008 model on Ebay for $16,000.00. I think I’ll pass.

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