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172423f0f94d123df79375b647e66b94-540-0-width540embedTypetwitterThe front page of the New York Daily News called it right.  The NRA is beginning to lose some of its power as they continually sell fear and gun deaths have risen as gun ownership hits the roof. The Republicans refuse to put forth a reasonable gun control law. No one could ever strip Americans of the guns, there are too many out there.  But reasonable control of loopholes could prevent the needless deaths of assault rifle killings. I’ve heard it said that as soon as you ban assault rifles that can kill 50 people in less than 50 seconds, the NRA, the main gun manufacturer, by the way, will find a way around it. Plastic guns. Do it yourself kits, convertible guns. Then it is time to regulate the manufacturer or put them out of business. Their business is profit from killing people. If every bullet made for assault rifles had a 1000% tax, it would reduce the number of bullets some individuals could buy. If bullet making supplies surge, they too must be taxed to match the damage. Make it against the law to buy bullets or guns with a credit card. They must have a check that is held until they are cleared for ownership and until the check clears the bank before the gun is turned over. The same goes for gunshow and on-line purchases. It is always about money.

DSC08252 (Copy)And what about people like Jennifer Longdon, shot in the spine in a drive-by shooting, 5 months in the hospital, and a T-4 paraplegic. She can move her head, talk and breath. Her care costs $5 million. Why isn’t the NRA responsible for her around the clock, permanent care? They produced and profit from an unsafe product that has no practical use outside of war .

In ten years, 750,000 Americans have been injured by gunshots. And, 320,000 have been killed. Not counting the most recent mass shootings. Twenty thousand commit suicide with a gun each year and 11,000 people are murdered with a firearm each year.

It is insane. I personally know of a young paper-boy who accidentally injured his sister playing with his father’s gun. Life for him, and his family, will never be the same. His guilt was so deep, though his parents and even his sister who has to spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair, were forgiving and understanding. Counseling didn’t help. He continually does self-destructive things, like stealing, getting into accidents, looking for punishment. Tragic.

We all vote. Let’s make reasonable gun control happen.




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