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We left the Leavenworth area Thousand Trails headed for Stevens Pass. We got our first glimpse of a snow-covered peak.

DSC01476 (Copy)

A second, sharper peak hove into view. But, a pass, is a pass. We will avoid those lofty, snow-covered heights.DSC01478 (Copy)

As we climbed fog rolled around the hill sides.

DSC01483 (Copy)

Moving wisps and billows made everything beautiful.

DSC01484 (Copy)

It teased and played with us and seemed to drop lower. In fact, it was we who were getting higher into the fog belt.

DSC01485 (Copy)

We crossed the summit at 4,111 feet and descended into a solid bank of fog.

DSC01486 (Copy)

Luckily, not as dense as it appeared. We drove out of it in minutes and arrived safely and happily in Western Washington.

DSC01487 (Copy)

We are camped at Thunderbird Thousand Trails near Monroe Washington, which sits on the Snohomish River. We walked down to the river and watched the salmon spawn and jump.

DSC01488 (Copy)

As hard as we tried we never could get a picture of one breaking the water in one of those beautiful, twisting jumps.

DSC01490 (Copy)

About 3:00 p.m. Jim’s good friend Al Penta stopped by. An avid bicker, since we last saw him, he’s ridden bike events in Vermont, Quebec, Florida and many closer to home. His bike is his main means of transportation. His next trip will be to Cuba, by way of Cancun with a U.S. group of vets.  It was raining lightly, but avid bikers are undaunted by a bit of rain.

DSC01491 (Copy)

Al’s girlfriend, Kim, works weekdays and lives in Seattle, so I will miss her this trip. I fly back to Murphys tomorrow.  Jim has known Al for 62 years and he told me Al knows the words to all the songs we grew up with. He got him to sing for me. Thanks Al, I never understood half the words Fats Domino said in that song Saturday Morning, until you sang it for me.

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