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I noticed huge water bills when I returned home and found a spongy bog out near the orchard. Couldn’t find the leak.

DSC01532 (Copy)

Hired a guy to dig up the pipe. He dug two feet deep in a three-foot cross section where the pipe should have been.

DSC01533 (Copy)

He finally made a witching wand out of coat hangers. It was very close. Two hours later, I have no leak. Yay!

DSC01534 (Copy)

Meanwhile, I spent most of the day and the day before putting up from left to right, plum sauce apple plum sauce, apple sauce, in quarts and pints. I don’t buy jars and lids, I recycle and save jars and lids. (Only useable for fruits and tomatoes. No meats or non acid veggies.)  I froze 8 quarts of apples and plums for a rainy day. It was a long day

Then, this morning, I researched George Soros after getting a challenge from reader Papa, about my blog on Leadership vs. Blackmail. If you’d like to see my answer, you can look at my blog of two days ago. I would like to reiterate that most of my friends are Republicans, they just aren’t the EXTREME type I’ve been so critical of.

Then, being technically challenged, I love getting Gizmag in my email. What a fantastic adventure it is to see what innovative people from all over the world are doing to make this world more fascinating or worse, for all I know. Have a look at this link:

While there, you might click on NSF Wallet, geekie inventions of all sorts for sale to people with deep pockets. I loved the $300 toothbrush.  Fun, fun, fun.

I’m having a friend stopping by for lunch. He is limited to when his driver can bring him to visit, and today is the day. And, I had to miss Jim’s friends from Washington because I left the motor home and flew home early. Bummer.

It is just the way it is.  Hi Ted, Larry, Carrie, Debbie and gang, Jim and Joan. Next year for sure. Where is Shawn?

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