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I’m beastly busy as I get ready for my family & friends reunion over Independence Day weekend. Got the tubes out to be patched and blown up with the compressor.

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Getting some long neglected yard clean-up done, since some people camp in tents under the trees. My old fruit ladder needs a new home. I hate to take it to the dump, but it is too heavy for me to use anymore.  Twelve feet high. Any takers?

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No matter how busy I am, I have to take time for fun projects. It’s just my nature.  To do that, I gather everything on my table where I won’t put it aside. Like this old purse, dreary old khaki color, but with the amazing pockets handy for all items I like to carry, especially when I’m on the road with Jim and we are out for the day, hiking or wandering. My housemate can’t understand my logic of forcing myself to complete a project by leaving the mess, paints, papers, etc. on the table. It works for me.  I finally completed the paint job, a cat on one side, some background brown.

DSC06947 (Copy)

Sad and happy faces on the front pockets. And, I’m blaming this need to paint on my friend Pam Munn who got me painting again, and now I’ve got the itch.

DSC06948 (Copy)

The end pockets are still pretty plain, but a painting is never finished. I can always go back and add some decorations when I have more time. Ah, me. To foil oneself into fun projects.

Now, hopefully, I can make progress on shopping for a comparable car to replace my electric.  The possibility of a “total” is hovering.





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When traveling, men are likely to carry some sort of bag or case. Businessmen have gone from briefcases, to computer cases or both. Businesswomen from purses to brief cases and computer cases. An evolution of sorts. Casually dressed men unabashedly carry fanny packs and computer cases. But what about purses? Its just a sturdy bag; is there really any difference? A purse has had a feminine connotation, but now, with so much gender equality has that changed?

I notice the marketing of mens gadget holders, over the shoulder contraptions that secure an i phone, travel documents, key holder, wallet and whatever. Its the faze-in to a man’s purse, no matter what you call it. Gadget holder works for me.

Since I tend to carry a large bag, my partner tends to load it up with things that don’t fit in his pocket or small fanny pack, so I end up lugging his “stuff” as well as mine.

It’s okay, but I think he should dump the fanny pack and carry a purse, er, ah… gadget holder.

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