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On Sunday, after the Tutankhamen Exhibit, we spent time in the De Young’s permanent exhibits. Of course, permanent can change with the years. Viewing paintings and objects remembered from a long ago visit was like greeting old friends.
I could not help but ponder her clothing and how primitive the cloth and fit were compared to today’s fabrics and design. How is she holding that strapless garment up, entered my mind, as well as the sad face of her dog. Very compelling and lifelike.
Even digital photography does not render them well, but I can never resist trying. I stared at the lady in the blue veil.
A cougar? Made into a bench? Just my style. Into the bench file with this photo.
This pottery crow eating a frog is perfection.
New since my last visit was this Dale Chihuly piece I’d never seen before. Chihuly looks like such a rascal and then he produces these fragile glass pieces.
The ordinary object transformed always fascinates me.
But my favorite piece for the day was this happy clay figure which reminded me of grandson Theo who expresses pure joy with such sweetness.
The De Young is a treasure and I’m reminded I don’t visit often enough.
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