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Yesterday, I wanted to return to Oldtown to catch some things I’d missed. The five flags that flew over the city, Mexico, Spain, The Confederacy, The United States and New Mexico. I wanted to visit the Kaleidoscope Store, The Cat House,The Rattlesnake Museum  and The Museum of Art And History-at least their sculpture garden.

It was early, and I poked into enticing courtyards and charming adobe bungalows; took pictures of things I hadn’t come to see and missed some I had come for. The truth is you just can’t take it all in.

Pressed metal, one of three entrances to the sculpture garden at the ABQ Museum of Art and History. I love art and Jim loves history but we were warned that to visit the museum, you pay to park, you can’t take pictures, they take any bags, your purse, your camera and put them in a locker that you pay to rent. They tell you there is a camera in every room watching you and  docent’s watching so you do not take pictures. If caught, you will be asked to leave. We didn’t take pictures at other museums in town when asked not to. Incredibly, I’ve visited the Louvre, Musee d’Orsay, The New York Metropolitan, Smithsonian, J Paul Getty and major museums in San Francisco and Boston.   All before digital cameras. All allowed pictures. What great treasures are  they are trying to protect from the camera eye?  We opted not to go. The Museum had three gated entrances. I loved the gates.

These brushed steel panels are part of one gate.

And one sculpture that I couldn’t stay away from.

I was riveted by her clothes, jewelry and intent concentration on her task.

And her overflowing purse.

The varied tile walkways were also worth seeing.

The Cat lady loves cats, as I do. And I enjoyed seeing her merchandise. Everyone is so friendly. One shopkeeper, left her store and walked me down the block and pointed out where her store was located in this  little plaza.

We moved on to the Rio Grand Nature Center State Park. After days in the noise of the city, the park was  a pleasure. The long narrow area next to the Rio Grand River has biking and hiking trails. We took a short, less than a mile, hike.

A couple of bikers told us they’d seen a fox. We saw turtles, ducks, ants, bees , birds and this lively rabbit sculpture.

I had never seen a pollinator habitat.  These scrubby bushes appear to have little sustenance to them, but the Rio Grande Park is a great buffer for critters next to this big city, and every plant and flower  is important to something.

From there, we revisited the last section of Route 66 just outside of the city.  Jim particularly wanted to see this old bridge, the Rio Puerco.  It has a newer bridge on either side of it. And, while there,I found a treasure from New Mexico to put on my totem when I get home, two hubcaps on the side of the road.  Jim thinks I’m nuts. But, I saw him lying on the ground taking a picture of a crack in the cement. I didn’t get my camera out in time.  So, who’s nuts, huh?

I uploaded my pictures if you wish to see them:

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