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DSC06290 (Copy)

Decisions were needed on my building project in Oregon. Doug was working on the first coat of primer when I arrived on Friday the 13th, after a five hour drive. Cement doesn’t soak up paint as easily as wood. Weather is cool and damp, but luckily no rain.

DSC06295 (Copy)

Doug declined my invitation to take him out for dinner but promised me he’d be dragging my butt out at 6:30 a.m. to pick out paint colors at Home Depot. Headed for the hotel, I stopped at the VFW where they were celebrating Valentines Day with a special dinner of Cornish game hens and a luscious, chocolate cherry dessert. They invited me to stay since a couple of reservations had canceled.

DSC06296 (Copy)

Making new friends and a toast to Valentines. The Rogue River Post is very active and supportive of their vets. Two young men from Rogue are serving on foreign soil and they’ve adopted their whole unit, sending cookies and letters from home.

DSC06307 (Copy)

Saturday was Valentines day and we left Home Depot with the wrong color paint. I picked  sunshine yellow, she wrote right under the paint swatch, the formula, but she had mixed the color beneath it, something called Terra Sol. We were asleep at the switch and didn’t realize the mistake until we went to open the can. We decided to live with it since she might get fired over 20 gallons of oops paint. At lunch I picked up some yoghurt, chips and fruit at Ray’s Market. A woman and child were handing out Valentines to every one. What a smile starter. Later, I found a heart shaped pebble on the ground near my building. Sweet.

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Catching up with neighbors, Jenny & Phil. Phil is always surrounded by his fur children.

DSC06301 (Copy)

Jenny was preparing to go horseback riding. New horses since my last visit.

DSC06304 (Copy)

She has a paint looking pony. A new breed called gypsy.  While there, Jenny recommended the local Tarassco’s fish tacos.

DSC06305 (Copy)

Every restaurant in town was loaded on Valentines day. A forty-five minute wait for a pizza. I went home with my favorite dish from Tarassco’s,  a take out bowl of Albondigo soup.  I had the fish tacos on Sunday. Everyone knows I’m a foodie.

DSC06308 (Copy)

The terra sol wasn’t too bad. I made headway with bids on heating and air from three companies. Got a dumpster ordered. Picked out and ordered my cabinets and vanities at Lowes. Bought a new washer dryer that Lowes will hold until needed.

DSC06309 (Copy)

I painted as far up as I could reach on the trim. Doug was using the ladder.

DSC06311 (Copy)

I moved rocks and placed them in a circle around this lovely old tree in my front yard.

DSC06310 (Copy)

Doug had to open up the Tyvek for bidders to get inside the house. I swept and cleaned a bit inside knowing it will be even dustier when the sheet rockers get finished.  Doug loves to clown around. We had a good time, made a lot of progress.  I’ll have to return when we ask for the electrician who is next in line after the heating an air guys do their preliminary, in the wall, install.

DSC06312 (Copy)

It was nice to see snow on Mt. Shasta. I couldn’t resist yet another picture of this beautiful mountain.






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