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From Point Pleasant, we drove across the river to a lovely city Park Kordel which surrounds Fort Randolph and has a motor home park and dump station.  There we hunkered in and waited out torrential rain.

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Signs on the road advertised an “event” taking place at Fort Randolph over the weekend. In the morning, we saw a War Enactment group that had set-up the night before and spent a wet night in their rudimentary tents. Or, they may have slept in their cars.

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Geese waddled through the sopping wet grass and made for the lake as we were leaving.

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We crossed into Ohio and took this beauty of a bridge across the Ohio river at Pomeroy.

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We stopped at a rest stop for lunch and nearby was a tiny church. We are traveling back roads and this little gem is on State Highway 7.

DSC06304 (Copy)

I couldn’t resist tromping over to have a look-see.

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A central altar, stained glass windows, six pews that hold two people each.

DSC06309 (Copy)

To the right of the altar is a basket for prayer requests.

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Who wouldn’t be charmed by this sweet little church by the side of the road?

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Then as I turned to go back out the door, was this sampler. Some group put a lot of loving attention to this tiny roadside respite and I was charmed.

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We moved on and crossed over another bridge back into West Virginia. Our trajectory is fairly straight, staying away for the inter-states with their high speeds  and heavy truck traffic. We will be meeting my step-daughter, Karen Littlefield and her family in Winchester, Virginia in a week.  Sometimes I get confused where I am as we cross borders in and out of a state so easily.

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We landed at Parkersburg, West Virginia VFW Post 1212. Lisa, the Quartermaster, hugs every veteran who comes in, male or female. She is a bright spirit in the lives of many. I heard one gentleman tell her after the hug, “I needed that.” Lisa will celebrate her birthday at the Post today and she is a woman who requires fireworks for her birthday. She reminds you of a sparkler and the fireworks are quite fitting.

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We enjoyed a huge fish and chips dinner at the bar and kept company with Sheryl and Bruce who told us what to see in Parkersburg.  And though we won’t be staying long enough to enjoy it, if you travel this way, you might want to visit Blennerhasset Island. It holds a mansion, rebuilt after a fire. It was a beacon of aristocratic wealth for anyone traveling the river. Blennerhasset got into financial trouble and teamed up with Aaron Burr, and along with Burr was tried for treason. He lost his fortune defending himself and fled back to England. You can see pictures of the mansion from early post cards at this site:

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I don’t know about others, but I hate the idea that I have heart problems since I have no symptoms and I’m quite active and busy. It isn’t confirmed, yet, but since I’ll be having vascular surgery for a blocked carotid artery, something is definitely wrong. Since I eat healthfully, everyone, including my doctor believes this is the major problem:

I do have a strong hereditary disposition for heart problems. My lifestyle is fine.

Yesterday, I had a treadmill test. They injected me first with titainesium, or some chemical that sounds like that. I should have asked the technician how to spell it.  I couldn’t find it on the internet. Anyway, it makes your arteries glow in the dark for nuclear photo imaging.

I spent 12 minutes surrounded by this nuclear imaging machine. It was interesting to me, and fascinating to see this amazing technology in action.

Then, I had the treadmill stress test and then back for another 12 minutes in the “camera”.

The cardiologist handed me his card and suggested I make an appointment with him after my surgery. Abnomalities were found in my heart.

This is Darla, who prayed over me. She was very sweet and kind and put me at ease. She asked me outright, “Do you believe in God?” I told her I don’t know about God, but I have a difficult time believing in a benevolent, all powerful father figure who allows people to starve in Darfur, permits wars and torture and unimaginable atrocities happen to little children. I do, however, have a lot of faith in my doctors to keep me up and running for awhile. And, I was impressed with nuclear medicine.

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