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We drove into Palm Springs yesterday, a place I’ve never visited. Its located in the Choachella Valley where summertime temperatures can reach 120 degrees, but winters are friendly. The San Jacinto Mountains were beautifully painted with snow. Palm Springs has that bit of mystique, for me. Playland for the rich. Expensive. Reading the local papers entertainment guide, it doesn’t lack for cultural events, art and, with the Indian Casinos, gambling and high class stage shows. We just missed Crystal Gale. Marty Robbins will arrive after we are gone. But, we didn’t venture far from our Thousand Trails Park.

We walked the park and stopped by the Seabergs, snowbird friends from Washington State.  Jan was home but her husband was gone for the day. Their dog, Lacey, loves Jim and always remembers him.

On our way back to our rig, we spotted a roadrunner. I’ve seen them other places but they move like lightening, you can’t get a decent picture of them. This one decided to pose.

It was momentary, but I managed a couple shots. Beautiful coloring. I was grateful to see one not flashing by in a streak.

We set up for nine days and are looking forward to that warm weather Palm Springs promises. Especially welcome since Murphys’ weather has been devilishly cold, snowy, and plagued by downed trees and power lines. Its nice to be in Palm Springs on an uneventful day.

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