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This morning I looked for items the family left behind after a full weekend of Easter fun. Ken left his tennis shoes. Doug left a Care Package of chicken alfredo he wanted to take home. And Virginia left her shopping bags that she had previously left in my car when I returned to Murphys weeks ago.

The kids colored a glob of eggs. Ken colored one egg with a rock band symbol and told the boys aged 10 and 13 whoever found that egg on Easter morning and could name the band, he would pay $5. The boys got on the internet, figured out the band, Blue Oyster Cult and conspired among themselves that they’d share the 5 bucks and that way, no matter who found the egg, they’d both be winners. Smart kids.

Even though they are too old for the bunny, the fun is in the egg hunt. With 23 hidden eggs, it took them two hours to find them. The hardest was finding a purple egg hidden among the bouquet of lilacs, invisible among the flowers. And, one brownish egg hidden in the woodpile next to the stove. And, we who hide the eggs take pleasure in providing a challenge. I took great pictures.

Cedric loves to bake and he made a wonderful woven Easter bread. We all enjoyed card games, the food and sweets. Ken and Virginia are training for a 65 mile ride, so they got out twice on the bikes. Easter morning they road 45 miles with hills before the rain set in. Ah, well, we have to count our blessings. We had good weather between storms. The lightening show was fantastic. We skyped family members who couldn’t come.

But, getting pictures up in my blog is a challenge that get’s worse with everything I try. Maybe next week.




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Fish should be fresh but these ceramic fish are downright cheeky. On the phone, Jim talks excitedly about the unique opportunity to take close up deer photos at his current place at Thousand Trails in Texas. I’m bummed because I can’t be there, but I’ve got plane tickets to join him. And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jim. (Today we are the same age.) X0X0.

I really love ceramics but traveling as we do, and now, with medical problems and therapy, I have no time for ceramics except to enjoy other people’s. It is even tougher to get pictures of fresh fish, Jim. Your next challenge.

I once had a pond full of goldfish, but the raccoons discovered it and that ended that.






After that octopus and shark video yesterday, these art pieces are just too cute.

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Last night, I  received a comment from Barbara Bald that newspaper coverage of the Canyon de Chelly accident was practically non-existent. So, right. And, if you don’t know the story, JUST MAKE IT UP!!!

We talked to a person in the park yesterday who told us a Gallup Paper had the accident as a tour bus that went over the rim and landed upright. Totally bizarre.

And, that another news paper claimed two people were killed and that Dr. Crowe was staying in Sedona before his canyon tour. All of this is heresay, of course.  I used to work for a newspaper and I can truthfully say, our paper never made up news.

The little independent newspaper, the Navajo Times contacted Jim yesterday and there will be an article in that paper, but he did not consent to an interview. He told Cindy, the whole story is in the blog.  He gave permission for her to use any of the information and pictures in it. The editor, Cindy,  was gone during the event and that was why she had not reported on the accident before this week.

Even crazier, there are rumors that the driver was drunk. UNTRUE. That he just drove it over the ledge and jumped out and saved himself. UNTRUE.  Again, bizarre. Where does such mean stuff come from?  The driver, Davidson, has made about a thousand trips into that canyon over many years; experienced and professional. There is no communication between the canvas cab of the truck and the passengers in the back.  He stopped and got out of the truck in order to speak to us when we got to a specific site. He could not warn us of his sudden steering problem, for instance. Besides, it happened in five seconds.

This morning, we got an on-line copy of the phoenixnewstimes that is accurate about the accident. You can read it at this link:

Yesterday, we went to town, did the laundry, shopped for groceries and spent the afternoon reading outside in a cool breeze.  I can’t remember when I spent a day and didn’t take a picture.  So, I’ll take your advice, Barbara, and post more of the canyon pictures. Bless you, I think I needed a reprieve.

And, also, surprisingly, Jim and I received news from Essya Nabbali, one of the victims in the October 2011 bicycle accident with an update of  their case.  (My Blog  entry Black Monday at )

No word about their personal lives pending litigation, just the results of the trial:

Neal Francis Lawson III, born 1950, Coos Bay, was convicted April 26 of two counts of assault by use of a dangerous weapon, and reckless driving. For the first assault, he was sentenced to 90 days in jail, three years’ probation and pay $50,829 restitution plus compensatory fine of $50,000 to Martha McLean. For the second, he was sentenced to 90 days and to pay $78,827.20 restitution plus compensatory fine of $75,000 to Essya Nabbali. His drivers license was suspended five years for both. For reckless driving, he was sentenced to 30 days in jail and five years’ probation. All jail time is to be served concurrently.
And, Oops!  I mis-remembered Martha’s last name as Wright instead of McClean when I referred to that piece earlier.  I hope to shout I’m not perfect.  And this has been a stressful time.  I’ll go back and correct it.  website has a long dialogue about that incident, if you are interested.
Now, some soothing pictures:
This little valley with the green trees looks so inviting.
The canyon is 600 feet deep here and I like to try to get the feeling in the photo that you are looking down into the abyss. I was much more careful when walking out to this edge just because of the accident. It makes no rational sense. Just the body trying to protect itself, I guess.
We found many spots on this rim where catch basins form to hold  water.  I expect this whole area looks different in the winter. The trail is marked by the cairns.
I took this through a drain hole in the overlook.
These are all from the South Rim that I didn’t publish yesterday.  Here is the link to an album from the North Rim  if you are interested in a slideshow:

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After visiting the Slaughter Ranch, Jim wanted to visit the small town of Douglas for several reasons. First, because when he returned from Panama in 2004 with his friend Bud Kuball, they exited Mexico with their motor homes at this portal. Back in the United States after 343 days.

It was late in the day when we crossed into the town of Agua Prienta. It was closing down and  not very exciting compared to the others I’ve visited, but I enjoyed the idea of a sixth border crossing, especially this one that had meaning to Jim. Each crossing has something unique.

In enjoyed the series of  ten tile mosaic figures decorating the walls of the portal.

It was a brief stop and back to Douglas a town that never had a major fire and now has 335 buildings on the Historic Register.

One of the old grand hotels still in use is The Gadsden with its sweeping staircase, dark wood, marble columns and mirrored dining room.

We had lunch and wandered around admiring the hotel and later the town.

The beautiful ceiling and chandelier.

Huge stained glass windows.

It’s kind of fun to step back into yesteryear and think the Slaughters must have come here for dinners with friends.

Douglas also has four churches on one block, each taking a corner. This is supposedly the only place in the world where that happens. First there is the Episcopalian Church above.

The Baptist Church.


And the Methodist.

The Catholic Church of The Immaculate Conception dated 1907  is on the next block over and visible from the Presbyterian Church. One can conclude that Douglas is a very devout community.

We walked around the older part of town and saw some of the historic old buildings with their fancy facades and charm.

The VFW we visited a couple of days ago was haunted.  Tombstone Cemetery had several  wrongful deaths. Many people were hanged in this part of the country.

The Gadsden Hotel is haunted.  Hmmm!  We must be getting close to meeting a ghost.

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My cousin, Gary,  is visiting me for a few days. A widower, he is trying to come to terms with a splintered life, making this Christmas different from any other. I spent time last night demonstrating the wonders of the computer. I think I convinced him to buy one and get involved in the on-line community.

I had him laughing at some animated jokes and reality segments that found  their way into my mailbox, one of a cowboy being given a drunk test, probably still out there on Youtube  under the title Best_DUI-Stop Ever. And another of cops stopping people in their underwear. Both  hilarious.

I then had him pick a subject and went to my search engine and found all he needed to know about surplus airplane parts. (His former business.)

We looked at nuggets of wisdom that come through the mail as well as marketing lies and blatant promotions to pick up $30,0000 from a poor immigrant that just needs your signature to get it from the bank.

I enjoyed the cruise through my picture files as well since we share a lot of childhood memories. It dawned on me how much I depend on the internet, for news, information, fact checking of rumors, jokes, beautiful pictures from the greatest photographers in the world. Such a deal in a box. It boggles my brain at how  many people I know who don’t get on the internet highway.

My neighbor popped over with a plate of Christmas cookies and we enjoyed a treat before bed.  Life will move swiftly away from you unless you make an effort to catch it by the tail and fly.






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I’m off track this morning since I have a yard sale at 9:00 a.m. Having had one other yard sale in my life, I had conveniently forgotten how much work they are. The problem is, if I have two of something, it becomes a collection. And then the insanity begins.  To rid myself of my junk is now a ponderous undertaking.  It reminds me not to collect anymore “stuff” in the future, except…

Would you like to see my collection of  bench pictures?

–Mt. Vernon, Thousand Trails, WA.

–Noyo Harbor, Ft. Bragg, CA.

–Ashville, N.C.–State of Louisiana Capitol Building.

-Ashville, North Carolina


-Mystic Seaport Harbor Museum.

Visitors Center Ashville, North Carolina

The Mormon Fort and Museum at Las Vegas, NV


From PAWS sanctuary, San Andreas.

Pictures,  an indelible marker of the fun I had, precious only to me, maybe interesting to others.

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