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Summer Time And the Living Is Easy…

Yesterday was one of those absolutely perfect Pacific Northwest days…69 degrees, a gentle breeze, sunny with a few stray clouds. The weather just does not get any better than that…in my humble opinion.

If you are a regular follower of my Blog…you know I have not watched or listened to any kind of news for 13+ years. My life is so simply structured..there’s no need to put all that garbage in my head. My feelings are…that if anything is that important…I’ll hear people talking about it…and then figure out what to do about it…which is usually nothing.

In the last couple of days…I’ve heard people talking about the excessive heat currently back East. I can’t do anything about it…other than to be thankful…one more time…I am a full-time RVer…and that I’m currently here and not there.

Mary and I spent the Summer in New England last year visiting my family, relatives and friends. We were told it was the hottest Summer in New England in over 100 years. You do not have to tell me about the heat and humidity of the Summers in the East. I know all about was one of the primary reasons I moved from the Northeast to California in 1979! For many years now…I’ve been telling people…if I did not have family back in New England…I would never again go East of the Rocky Mountains…ever!

As so on this perfect day yesterday…I found myself in one of my favorite places…Thousand Trails Leisure Time Thunderbird RV Resort in Monroe, Washington…in my favorite spot in this campground along the banks of the Skykomish River.

As you can see..the campground is in three sections. In my section…there are 22 sites out of the total 95. Here’s a street view of my section…you can see my Bronco and the motorhome as the first RV on the right. Directly behind the motorhome is the beautiful Skykomish River.

Here’s a little history of this campground. I first came here in 1980… when then…it was called simply Thunderbird Campground. At that time it was a really run-down place…but I stayed here because I wanted to visit a life-long friend who lives only a couple of miles from here. In 1984 Leisure Time Resorts bought the place and turned it into a beautiful RV Resort. In 2000…Thousand Trails bought Leisure Time Resorts.

And so…back to my perfect Northwest weather day and where the living is easy. The only thing missing is my life-partner Mary who is still back in California…in 90+ degree weather…tending to home/rentals/personal business. I’m hoping to get her back within the next couple of weeks. In the meantime…I’ll just sit here…and enjoy!

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Chiricahua – Day 2

Yesterday Mary and I drove the Bronco from our campground at elevation 5,400 feet to the highest elevation point accessible by vehicle at 6,800 feet. From there we climbed Sugar Loaf Mountain along some snow covered trails to the peak at 7,310 feet.

The Chiricahua Apache Indians called this area “Land Of The Standing Up Rocks” and here’s why…


That’s just one of the 27 photos I took which you can see by clicking this link…

Here’s the official website link for Chiricahua National Monument…

Here’s a Wikipedia informational link…

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