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I’m On The Panama Magazine Video Channel…

Yesterday I identified that quite by accident while poking around the Internet, I found myself in the New York Times. Well, I continued poking around and found myself (or rather one of my videos) featured on the Panama Magazine Video Channel.

What appears to have happened is on September 5, 2008 Panama Magazine took this video of mine off of my old website. They incorrectly titled it “Travelling Through Costa Rica By Motorhome”. In reality, the video pictures and the music are both from Nicaragua,

I suspect that you most likely have not seen this video, so I thought I’d show it to you here. Turn up your speakers! It runs 7 minutes and 11 seconds.

During that trip 343 day, 16,000+ mile RV trip through Mexico and the seven countries of Central America, Nicaragua was my favorite country. That is why I created this video showcasing some of the people/things I saw in my almost month-long visit to Nicaragua. Enjoy!

Re-watching this video brought back lots of very pleasant memories from that trip.

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