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The Alameda County Sheriffs Archive Association has had this picture for many years with no idea who the two interesting people are, nor where the picture came from? At some time back, I put out a search for Jim Crewe that brought results via this blog. So, thought I’d try for identification of this couple. If anybody can help, we’d appreciate it.

It was taken during the early 1970’s during a spate of civil protests going on at the time. This may have been a women’s support group given the attire. In any case, if anyone has information about this picture, please let us know via this blog.
Today is my day to work the archive and meet with new President, Bill Rhodes, newly retired from the department.

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Paul Quyle, left, brought his printer friend, Mark, from Campbell, CA. as his guest to meet us last night while we hashed over some CCTV business. Mark is a modern printer and Paul has a printing press from 1899. Paul gathered his type set and molds and showed how it was done in three videos. One of the videos can be seen on the link below, the next two will follow on the same website. Paul is a fascinating person from so many angles its hard to choose one. He is a blacksmith, a master potter, printer, and retired teacher. He studied Marine Biology, art, he took welding classes, saddle making, veterinary medicine. He has a woodworking shop, orchards and gardens.

He entered the printing trade from necessity, to print labels for his clay business instead of tediously hand stamping them. Now, he is a master printer and  has over 120 printers in his collection. But, the 1899 press, one of only 12 in the world, rarely gets used.

Paul, at 82, remembers the days when trade secrets were jealously guarded. If he couldn’t get into a guild, he’d figure out how to do the task himself, whether it was printing, making clay that didn’t explode, building a house or a kiln, he would do it. You forge something, fix something, make your own tools, a philosophy that today seems arcane in a throw-away, assembly line style of doing things. Self sufficiency is as ancient as the rocks where passing on skills to the next generation is the natural order of things. It works for the Quyles where a new generation of family artisans now run the ranch,  a winery, the pottery and continue what Paul started while he still plays with printing and blacksmithing.

People drop in all the time to see the works on Highway 4, just above Murphys, along with the pottery, paintings, glass work, and wine tasting from Bryce Station Winery.

Here students of Paul’s work in his blacksmith shop.

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There was a time I considered the most important aspect of a chair, comfort.  But, ramblin’ about the country can change that perspective. With camera in hand, I continually run into chairs, in shops, on sidewalks, or buildings I visit that strike me as a deliberate attempts to seduce the eye with its beauty or quirkiness, or attract the hand with its texture.

Looking at quirkiness, why would anyone build a chair that rocks sideways?

A clever statement but the statement isn’t comfort.

Surprisingly comfortable for street side respite,  but its beauty is what attracts because its placed where it catches the sun to tease you with its shadow.

Hand bent hickory, a rocker with comfort, strength and texture. Comfort to sit up straight, only.

You just want to reach out and polish these seats with your hand to see if they are actually as smooth as they look-and they are.

A place to kneel and commune with God or your soul;  maybe a special spot for a small child to sit and read to grandma. It tells a tale.

Who would I ask about this carved face? The maker is long gone, the chair is old. Makes you wonder?

Too fancy and formal to enjoy, but beautiful. It resides in a famous southern plantation house.

Very intriguing. Looking comfortable, but my eye was seduced by its artistic back, and the smooth texture of the knobs. Definitely not a place to lean back for fear it would break all that beautiful construction.

Comfortable looking, but maybe only for a doll. I have yet to see the chair that I want to plop back into and read a good book without going to a  furniture store.

A rocking chair porch wants to invite me in for a cuppa and a chat with the neighbors, except, ramblers are just passing through.

For a temporary respite,  a curb or a rock can be a chair, or even a table in this park in Gloucester.

But, for comfort, there is nothing quite like an overstuffed couch or chair. I keep looking for one on the street.

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