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Jim went to town to get a new battery and an alternator for the Bronco, and I stayed behind.  Our neighbor has a permanent site here. They’ve had people of all ages coming and going and one guy offered to sell me these two motorcycles for $50 bucks each.

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I found out later it was his friend, not his father who offered to sell me the bikes. He laughed when I told him. His bike is worth $70,000  He and his wife took off for a big bike rally a couple hundred miles away in Idaho. The son told me his dad had a house near Bellingham, a great big Victorian with lots of maintenance needed. He and his siblings got together and decided none of them wanted to maintain the place when dad died, so they convinced Dad to sell it, buy this permanent site and retire from housekeeping at 84. He loves it. And, he gets lots of company. Interesting idea.

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We take a brisk 20 minute walk every morning and this cute little rig seemed so appealing. The owner has taken excellent care of it and told me it is 40 years old. Super. Last night she had a ring of chairs around a portable fire. With a small rig, you spend most of your time outside.

By the time Jim got home it was parking time. Rigs were pouring into the park. Huge rigs trying to avoid trees and other rigs attempting to wedge themselves into spots meant for much smaller motor homes and fifth wheels. Jim and a couple of neighbors were acting as parking attendants, guiding people into tight spots. The park is full to capacity, something we’ve never seen before.  Jim used to sell memberships in Thousand Trails. One selling point is how great they are for kids. You can turn them loose to have fun and not always have to have your parental radar on.  And it is so true. The kids just have an all out blast here. Riding bikes, swimming, flying kites, using playground equipment, and taking part in activities at the family lodge. Something for every age. The place was jumping.



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