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The Sky Roared Yesterday Morning…

Jim says: Just about every Tuesday and Wednesday during the winter season the Blue Angels practice for about an hour starting at 8:30 AM. And they were really going at it! See my Blog entry of 4/08. It’s one thing to see the Blue Angels at the Naval Air Station here in Pensacola, Florida and quite another just wandering around the community and they fly by.

My motorhome is currently parked at the American Legion and the way that the crow flies (supposedly in a straight line), it’s only about two miles to the runway. As part of their practice the sometimes fly at only 50 feet above the ground when over the runway…upside down at 600+ miles per hour. Because sound travels a lot slower than light, by time you hear them, they are gone from sight. I managed to get these two photos standing by my motorhome.


Shortly after-wards I left to do my laundry and failed to bring my camera with me. I had a lot better views at the laundromat than I did at the motorhome. It was like my own private air show.

Anyways, on one particular pass very similar to this U.S. Navy photo…


They flew directly over the Laundromat, but they were a whole lot closer to the ground than this photo. So, on Tuesday and Wednesday Mornings in this area…the sky really roars!

In other news…
In preparation for my departure from my current location on Thursday morning, I spent some time with my maps plotting my route from Panama City, Florida (about 100 miles east of here), where I’ll turn more or less Northeast heading to visit friends in Summerton, South Carolina. I intend to take the back roads through Florida, Georgia and South Carolina for the about 500 mile trip.

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