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Memory is not dependable. We knew we had visited this area in 2011. The problem was, we visited both parks in 2009, not 2011. I remembered so well the marvelous blackberries but forgot to bring a container.  Luckily I had a plastic bag in my purse. The Blaine Marine Park must have a mile of blackberries in several different stretches. But here we picked once before.DSC07714 (Copy)

The plants were bigger and meaner. Blackberries grow on new growth, so the old canes are big and sharp. We contemplated that the park must have to mow the whole works down at some point to keep them in such tight control.  I ate my fill and picked enough to take home. We had a big lunch earlier at Lizzies, all wonderful, homemade cooking. So we decided to stop at the store for ice cream before going home.

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We walked the docks where all the fishing boats come in across from  Semiahmoo point. The breeze was heavenly and ruffled the feathers of the gulls. They are messy and bomb the wharf with clams to break them open, but we enjoyed watching them for about an hour.

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They seem to know where to find the biggest clams.

DSC07725 (Copy)

When they fly around, we tend to think of them as white, but they really have a lot of variation in color.

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Then I noticed this pigeon. I didn’t think pigeons hung around salt water. And look at those red feet.DSC07727 (Copy)

This must be mama, though she seemed to be chasing him. She is bigger and less colorful than the male.

DSC07716 (Copy)

We walked out through the commercial buildings on the dock. This truck belonged to a Crab Buyer but his logo is a lobster.

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We were following the raucous sound of the birds. These cormorants were screaming and hollering to a similar colony across the water from them,  along with some gulls.

DSC07779 (Copy)

Then we drove over to Peace Arch Park.

DSC07781 (Copy)

We wandered through the gardens and then walked to the Canadian Side of the arch, first.

DSC07787 (Copy)

Then, the U.S. side.

DSC07783 (Copy)

On the inside of the arch is this commemoration from 1914. On the opposite side, the same gate with the statement, MAY THESE GATES NEVER BE CLOSED. It is refreshing to see this wide open border between our countries and sad to think of the horrible gates between the U.S. and Mexico.



The gardens and sculpture on display at the Peace Arch Parks, both Canadian and American are spectacular. I’ll post some pictures tomorrow.

At home,  we ate blackberries and ice cream in place of dinner. Jim and I both realized in the five years we’ve been together, we’ve never bought ice cream, other than a cone here and there along the way. Neither of us are big on ice cream. But, it was heavenly with berries.

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