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We have a party person in our neighborhood. I believe GHC is the active ingredient marijuana, a hot subject in Calaveras County.  Thus the party about GHC on the 20th, the day the government made some kind of announcement?  Unsure.

Can’t drive, can barely type, incapacitated by my surgery-told I have massive tears and if I don’t follow the rules to the letter, I may never be well. So, I’m resting. Can’t drive, must depend on others for just about everything. House looking like a junk yard. Jim took pictures. We didn’t stay long though Jan provided a great fun event.

DSC05116 (Copy)

DSC05117 (Copy)

DSC05118 (Copy)I ate finger foods and wished there was MJ in the brownies. Maybe better than the oxcycotin they prescribed. I read where it is miracle drug for animals. Woof! Woof!

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DSC06067 (Copy)

I attended a retirement party for my friend Madelaine Krska. She retired from the county as head of the Elections Department and is moving to Arizona as soon as she sells her place. Dang. Maddie gave all the good parties. Now, none of us know what to do?

She requested we come in costume so I went as a gambler. I didn’t make any money at it, but I had a lot of fun.

DSC06165 (Copy)

This is Maddie and a friend whose name I don’t know.

DSC06079 (Copy)

The Arts council puts on a fun event named for the Great Gatsby, and many people at the party attend that event and dressed to do the Charleston and show off their 1920’s and 30’s costumes.

DSC06078 (Copy)

I fit right in with the gangsters.

DSC06112 (Copy)


DSC06105 (Copy)


DSC06114 (Copy)


DSC06087 (Copy)


DSC06148 (Copy)

Irene sang along with the band.

DSC06143 (Copy)

I normally take decent pictures. With my spare battery in the motor home I avoided flash in a very low light situation, and should have taken 25 good flash photos instead of 104 lousy ones, most of which I had to throw out. Those I saved are mostly marginal. Dang, again. I gambled and lost.

DSC06074 (Copy)

Goodbye, Maddie. We’ll visit you in Scottsdale.

DSC06135 (Copy)





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DSC03650 (Copy)

Downtown Murphys was host to a Volkswagen show. I had not read the local newspaper and it caught me by surprise. Our only city lot was filled row upon row with Volkswagens.

DSC03652 (Copy)

Some of them are pretty strange critters I’d never seen before.

DSC03653 (Copy)


DSC03670 (Copy)

See what I mean?

DSC03649 (Copy)

I’m pretty clueless when it comes to car talk, but wisps of conversations came my way, the guys, talkin’ engines and restoration tips.

DSC03666 (Copy)

The parts guys were all lined up in one corner, showing what extra “stuff” they are willing to part with.

DSC03669 (Copy)

I was more attracted to folks with camper vans since I travel a good deal myself and they looked like they were having fun.

DSC03659 (Copy)

A lift up gives a person some stand-up room.

DSC03664 (Copy)

And, inside, a bed, and sink and stove. A small version of a motor home.

DSC03657 (Copy)

In this similar camper van, a guy and his son had their bed in the couch position and were enjoying music and had a pot of water heating on the stove.

DSC03658 (Copy)

He took out the old vinyl and replaced it with bamboo. Cool!

DSC03662 (Copy)

Just about everybody of my generation either owned a Volks or knew someone who did. And, most had a ride in someone’s “Bug” if you didn’t own one. My husband and I owned two Volkswagen’s for a very short time each. I found this Karmin Ghia, and older model than ours was.  We owned it for about three weeks, a brand new Ghia, beautiful bright yellow, and it was t-boned on the way to work in Pleasanton. We never replaced the Ghia. I don’t remember what we bought after that.

DSC03672 (Copy)

The second one we owned, looked just like this without the brows over the eyes. It was as cute as the bug, like a miniature van. We bought it second-hand and the thing blew-up on the road late at night returning from a big dinner at Castlewood Country Club, out Niles Canyon, also near Pleasanton. We had to hitch a ride home. I think it was called a “Fastback.”  It was pretty small for a big guy like my husband anyway, and we got rid of it soon after.

I enjoyed boppin’ around looking at Volkswagens. If you click on the picture below, it will take you to the 34 pictures I took. Maybe you can find your favorite Volks in the mix.

2014-3-9-Volkswagen Show


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016 (Copy)

When you ask the kids, and some of the adults, too, what their favorite part of the party is, the answer is always “the flume”.  Once everyone is trucked up to the flume and settled on the bank, those who ride the tubes have to walk the mile, or half mile, or whatever distance they choose to ride down.

024 (Copy)

Some like an individual tube, others like to share. Looks like Susie and Rob haven’t quite decided. It’s Rob’s first trip. (If he passes the flume test, we’ll let him marry her.)

034 (Copy)

Then, they all return to the start and head up for another ride, or relax on the bank.

017 (Copy)

Eunice doesn’t flume, but she has that relax part down.

023 (Copy)

Ted guiding son Tyler with his feet.

026 (Copy)

Cathy and Abby double-decker.

032 (Copy)

Virginia with Maci. Some areas are so shallow you might want to get out and walk it.

025 (Copy)

Got beer!

018 (Copy)

Daniel and Theo hooked together.

038 (Copy)

There’s usually time for everyone to have two or three trips down the flume.  Cathy and Austin.

027 (Copy)

Where’s the beer?

028 (Copy)

Owen likes to climb a tree and jump into the water at a deep spot.

021 (Copy)

Laurie, Jacob and Mason. What you take with you has to be brought out. So, the beer bottles never get in the flume.

031 (Copy)

It’s time to pack it all up and head for home.

DSC07560 (Copy)

Doug leaves the flume early so he can get the chicken and tri-tip cooked. Clark gets the pits heated up in advance. One is charcoal, the other two propane. Doug is the master of the party. He does the prep, the shopping, the planning the cooking. Without him, it wouldn’t come together.

DSC07562 (Copy)

Theresa waits for the signal that it’s time to get the cold dishes out and call everyone in to eat. Is it done yet?DSC07563 (Copy)Cedric is assisting Doug,  a far more laid back personality. Whenever Doug needs something, Cedric is the man.

DSC07572 (Copy)

People spread out everywhere to eat, but Doug stays close to the pits for some shish-ke- bobs and sausage that cook last.

DSC07568 (Copy)

I didn’t get the camera back out until it was desert time. Wendy made a blueberry,strawberry, banana, coconut tart to resemble a flag in keeping with the 4th of July.  Doug made gobs of low-fat, low-sugar cookies. But most people like it outside.

DSC07579 (Copy)

Bix and Coco stayed under the tables hoping for a morsel to drop on the ground.

DSC07584 (Copy)

Aaron, boyfriend of Susie’s daughter Katrina, serenaded everyone after dinner. He and Katrina, sister Meghan and her boyfriend, Joe, had car problems and arrived late. Unfortunately I didn’t get pictures of everyone this year.  Aaron is very professional and serenaded us all out by the fire pit during the s’mores and late into the night with the stars peeking through the trees. It was lovely end to the day before they crawled into their tents.

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