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The local News comes in my mailbox and the front page feature story from Oct. 2nd, was: Jamestown sidewalk project dedication slated for Saturday.

Whenever I have out-of-town guests, I like to take them to Jamestown because they have  wonderful antique stores, a great ice cream stand, and a couple good restaurants. And, during the summer tourist season, the townsfolk put on a parade and other events. I’ve been there many, many times and never gave the lack of complete sidewalks a second thought. Part boardwalk, part asphalt, part sidewalk, some areas on the edge of town are dusty ground in front of buildings that you can walk on, drive on-to,  or even park willy-nilly. When I saw the headline I realized how quaint we still are. A little bit of Maybury, USA.

Murphys used to be the same way. We once had an old dusty barn right in the middle of town with a blacksmith shop in it. And, horses shoving noses over the fence on the corner of Church St. and Main. Some vacant lots have been marvelously transformed. The businesses have taken great pains to clean things up, modernize a lot. But it isn’t a big improvement. Now, businesses come and go. The wine people have taken over the town and there isn’t much of interest anymore until a parade or event takes place. Well, I’m being harsh. The Park with a creek running through it, is still unique and attractive. I’m sure the business association would disagree with me.

The Jamestown Area Planning Committee connected Railtown with Main St. with guided walk displaying medallions of all the movies filmed in Jamestown. And a new mural will be up soon. Very fashionable. It may be a huge success.  I think I’m turning into a crabby old codger. I liked both towns better the way they were.




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