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dsc08453-copyThe last two years, we’ve rented a place at Incline Village for Christmas, skiing and playing in the snow. This year we decided a summer family reunion would be a fun change. We arrived Friday night. Doug, who is an expert at barbecuing anything to perfection, fixed hamburgers after our long drive. My camera was packed and I didn’t get a picture. Everyone resorted to a game of pool. It was Doug and Ken, against Laurie and Kristanne.

dsc08452-copyKristanne had never played pool before, and Laurie, who grew up with a pool table, is a shark.

dsc08455-copyShe knows how to bounce those balls.

dsc08456-copyEveryone had a turn at the table, and after the games, everyone decided to be silly. A bit of wine and tequila probably helped.

dsc08459-copyNo one really cared who won or lost. Laughter is what counts.

dsc08460-copyThe next morning, most of us went for hike to the National Park.

dsc08463-copyI was ahead and turned to catch this sisterly hug. Don’t have a clue what inspired it.

dsc08464-copyWe had seen signs about a rope walk in the canopy and thought everyone would like that activity.  But, it was closed. Left to right is Cedric, Ken, Virginia, Austin, who seems fixated on a two finger salute. Then Laurie, Theo and Kristanne. Doug and Owen stayed back at the cabin.

dsc08467-copyWe stopped for a couple pictures, but the sun was at the high, bright time of day and we got a lot of squints and shut eye.

dsc08472-copyWe snacked and reminisced for lunch.

dsc08498-copyAt four o’clock Saturday afternoon, we skyped with my grandson Stewart in Japan where he teaches English as a second language.

dsc08500-copyWe asked him dozens of questions. Here he is explaining that his deodorant melted and he had to shave his armpits. The Japanese people seem fascinated by his facial hair. Komatsu, is a coastal town of about 100,000 people. It isn’t a tourist destination and they don’t see many foreigners. Students are very disciplined and continually kind of bow and say “hye” as a way to indicate they understand. He is learning to use that expression as well and practiced it for us. Technology is awesome and we loved the ability to spend a half hour with Stew.

dsc08511-copyIt was Ken and Laurie’s night to fix dinner, and they prepared a marvelous shrimp dish, with butter and lemon juice and pepper. The kitchen is small here. Everyone went to bed early

dsc08515-copyVirginia made scratch muffins for breakfast Sunday morning. She picked the wild berries on their property on the Eel River.

dsc08481-copyShe also got “into” olives this year and brought 3 different kinds of olives she made from trees growing around Santa Clara. Theo declared they were inedible and about the worst thing you could eat. I loved them and got to bring some home.

dsc08517-copyAt 9:00 a.m. Virginia treated  Kris and I to kayaking.  Ken took pictures of us before he and Laurie went for a ride to see the scenery around Silver Lake.

dsc08522-copyI’ve enjoyed kayaking before, but Virginia wisely chose a double for us since my shoulder is not completely healed. I had to rest from paddling periodically and she had to pull for both of us.

dsc08525-copyKristanne, always adventurous, had never kayaked. She took to it like a duck to water and said, “Hey, I get to mark it off my bucket list.” We rested on a distant beach, then sunned and dried out on a rock when we returned.

dsc08503-copyKristanne and Laurie enjoyed a game of Rumikub in the afternoon.

dsc08489-copyThe boys played pool or read a book.

dsc08529-copyEveryone played 13, the national game of Vietnam. It is limited to four so each of us dipped in and out of the game. It is one of those games where kids have just as much chance of winning as an adult and Theo proved it. Not visible, on the right is Doug, playing DJ and selecting our favorite tunes on the computer.

dsc08487-copyCedric took to the kitchen to bake pies for dinner.

dsc08504-copyThis cabin was as close to wreckage as you can find in a domicile, and the oven temperature was difficult to gauge.  He struggled to get them cooked well. But, as usual, they turned out delish.

dsc08534-copySo, most of Sunday was spent playing games, eating, gabbing…


dsc08539-copyVirginia showed off her skill with Theo’s juggling balls.

dsc08542-copyDuring the evening, Hearts was the game of choice.

dsc08508-copyThere was some high finance going on downstairs with a monopoly game with Austin, Theo, Doug and Owen.

dsc08543-copyKen opted to wade through the New York Times and a San Francisco Chronicle.

dsc08547-copySome of us walked to the beach and watched the fireworks.

dsc08548-copyIt was a lovely, busy, relaxing. three-day getaway with stuff to do for everyone’s taste. Can’t wait until next year.





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A No And A Possible Maybe…

Within the last month I blogged about re-reading a book that I had read many years ago…Blue Highways by William Least Heat-Moon. If you have not read it, it’s about a one-year trip he took in the latter 1970’s. After separating from his wife and losing his job as an English teacher in a small college in Missouri because of a faltering economy, in a basic small Ford Van, he built a wooden bunk, loading the unit with minimal supplies and headed off alone on a 13,000 mile circular trip around the United States. The story documents the places he visited and people he met along the way. It’s become a quasi-classic.

Like most authors who achieve some positive results, he set about seeking a sequel(s). I must say he publishes big books. They are 6×9 inches and about 500 pages.

His second book is about an in-depth look at Chase County, Kansas…supposedly the geographical center-point of the United States. I tried to read it…got about 50 pages in…and just gave up…something I rarely do to a book…but I just do not do well with boring…even in a book. I need to mention that being of a Native American decent and an English teacher…gives him a somewhat awkward style of writing…at least for me. So, his second book…PrarieErth gets a big NO from me.

His third book River Horse gets the Possible Maybe. This books documents his four-month crossing of the interior of the United States…by boat. Unlike his Blue Highways trip…this time he has several different travel companions during the course of the trip. I”m into this book about 100 pages and so far haven’t quit…although I’m finding it struggling at times.

I’m not sure why it is…but sequels never seem to be as good as the originals. According to the books covers all three of his books were on the New York Times best-sellers list. Perhaps you might enjoy reading his books…maybe it’s just me. I just believe I shouldn’t have to struggle with a book. So my Possible Maybe for this book means it’s just possible and maybe that I might not quit and actually finish this book.

Here’s another of my sayings…”Why are a good book and an RV alike?…Because they both can take you to wonderful places!”

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2011
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I’m On The Panama Magazine Video Channel…

Yesterday I identified that quite by accident while poking around the Internet, I found myself in the New York Times. Well, I continued poking around and found myself (or rather one of my videos) featured on the Panama Magazine Video Channel.

What appears to have happened is on September 5, 2008 Panama Magazine took this video of mine off of my old website. They incorrectly titled it “Travelling Through Costa Rica By Motorhome”. In reality, the video pictures and the music are both from Nicaragua,

I suspect that you most likely have not seen this video, so I thought I’d show it to you here. Turn up your speakers! It runs 7 minutes and 11 seconds.

During that trip 343 day, 16,000+ mile RV trip through Mexico and the seven countries of Central America, Nicaragua was my favorite country. That is why I created this video showcasing some of the people/things I saw in my almost month-long visit to Nicaragua. Enjoy!

Re-watching this video brought back lots of very pleasant memories from that trip.

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2011
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I’m In Yesterday’s New York Times…

With Mary gone, I’ve got lots of idle time on my hands. Yesterday afternoon while poking around the Internet, I decided to enter my name in the Internet search box to see what might be found and lo and behold, I found myself listed in yesterday’s New york Times.

In an article entitled “Taking Your Home With You”, I’m shown as comment #28 (third comment down on this page),

That’s a first for me…pretty neat!

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2011
For more information about my three books, click this link:

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