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Farmers and ranchers in Nebraska built a sustainable, green-tech embracing barn right in the proposed path of the Keystone XL pipeline, symbolically blocking its progress while, at the same time, nicely highlighting why it simply isn’t needed.

These aren’t tree hugging hippies, these are landed ranchers and farmers who state in a video called “The Barn”  “TransCanada isn’t asking to do business with us. They tried to bully us,” the voice states.  “They told us it was a done deal, but they didn’t know much about Nebraskans.”

I’m headed to the Chiropractor this morning, early, and have shamelessly let Gas.2.0. write my blog for me this morning. I couldn’t find the video address to post. But, one final statement from the post. They know that it is oil not ethanol raising food prices, they know tar sands destroys land, and pipelines destroy towns. They can’t be bought.

My own thoughts on this event is that as the Federal Government fails us, states and people have to more and more take things into their own hands. Shame on you Obama if you allow this project to go through.

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