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I had intended to go to Modesto with Jim to have a muffler installed on his Bronco, do a bit of shopping and go out to lunch.  But, my contractor wanted me to pick a handicapped shower on-line, so I stayed home.  Anything I liked, like the one in this picture, didn’t fit the space well.

5LDS6033B17T-sHandicapped model

The ones that fit the space, were smaller than this, with no color border, very antiseptic and plain. I spent a lot of time and visited 25 websites and learned about ADA approved showers and the cheapest I could find was over $2,000 and ugly. Not the least bit of character like the one in this picture. No fun, but I’m determined that the future with the multiple amputees from the recent wars, is going to demand more handicapped rentals. And, as we age, we may need some assistance, too.

Jim’s day was no fun, so I’m glad I didn’t go with him. He broke down on the road. A water hose got a hole in it and he was out of water. He thanked me for always keeping a big jug of water in the cars, (I always have a change of clothes and water in the Bronco, too.) “It saved my life”,  he told me. ” I made an emergency repair in the hose and used that water to get me to a place with a service station, and then a Napa Auto supply for a fix.”

He was late for Mitchell Muffler in Modesto.  Bobby Brown waited for him, the vet we met at the Defender Lodge. He left just before Jim arrived. He got the new muffler installed. It breathes easier, his mileage should improve and all the rattles and noise he was hearing is gone. The price was about $300 with taxes out the door, thank you Jeremiah.  And, Bobby Brown called him and asked him how he liked his service?  Terrific, in a word. Thanks Bobby.  What a crazy day for both of us.

I’m still working on the bathroom redesign. Managed to get out to do a little watering yesterday. And, I took pictures of some of the artwork on the walls at the Hospital and Defender Lodge when I was there. Got my art fix, and I’ll blog them tomorrow.


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