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The Idea Didn’t Work Out…

I’ve been hauling around a bicycle on the back of my motorhome or towed Ford Bronco II for about ten years and I have never been happy with the storage arrangements. It’s such a hassle….the taking off and putting back-on process. It ends up being more work than enjoyment. And now that I have Mary in my life…I have two bicycles to deal with. Oh Joy!!!

Since I was so unhappy with the previous storage arrangement…I thought I’d try a new idea. When we were in Mendocino a couple of months ago, we parked behind a van than had a bicycle on a fold-down hitch. The owner seemed happy with the arrangement. Hmmm…so I decided to give the idea a try and ordered the parts.

Over the last several days I attempted to get the arrangement to work in a way that I could be happy with. This photo shows the fold-down hitch on the back of the Bronco with one bicycle attached…

That didn’t seem too bad.

Then I moved on to putting the two bikes on the rack…

In the photo all appears okay…but appearances are deceiving. In this mode the bikes are too close to one another and they didn’t mount properly. So I added the extension to be used in the four bike mounting mode. That set the bikes apart and they were mounted properly. The I put the cover over everything and evaluated the situation. The cover ended up big and awkward to handle…plus it blocked my rear vision from the drivers seat in addition to blocking the the rear tail and brake lights from behind. That’s not good…so the cover had to go.

With the two bikes on the four bike extension it put the outer bike way out there…so much so that when I tried to pull the rack back into the upright position and insert the holding pin by myself…it required a much too strenuous effort to accomplish. Realizing that sometimes when we are out and about shopping we sometimes open the rear lift door on the Bronco several times a day…I then knew this was not a good idea. So after several hours of messing around with this idea…I knew the fold-down hitch also had to go.

So now both bikes are now mounted on the back out the motorhome…the lesser all all evils…

I’d just as soon get rid of both bicycles for the little that we use them…but…Mary still insists she wants to ride a bicycle…so they remain.

So now I start the fun process of returning the items. The cover we bought from Amazon…no problem. In five minutes I had a prepaid return label and UPS will pickup the package at Mary’s doorstep on Monday.

The 26 pound bike rack was purchased from a different vendor and will prove to be somewhat more difficult to return. First of all…they are not open on the weekend…so I couldn’t communicate with them yesterday…got to wait until Monday. Then they charge a 20% re-stocking fee…we have to pay for the return shipping…about $20…got to get a return authorization number and arrange to get UPS to pick it up…yadda, yadda, yadda!!! This company needs to study how Amazon handles returns. I’ll never buy another item from the bike-rack vendor ever again. ‘Nuf said…the idea didn’t work out!

I was scheduled to depart for the south land Monday morning. Since I now have to wait until Monday to communicate with the bike-rack vendor and there’s a weather forecast for dense fog on Monday morning…I’ve been forced to delay my departure until Tuesday morning. Such is life!

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I Thought It Was A Tornado!

Jim says:

It was very loud…It felt like it shook the house…It seem to last a long time!

Those were the feelings I experienced yesterday morning just about this time. Mary and I were both doing our computer duties in the quiet hours before daylight. I was reading about the tornado that happened in Arizona the day before yesterday, when from out of nowhere came this very loud CRASHING…that was shaking the entire house. A tornado here????

The sound originated a mere four feet behind me as Mary’s 50-year-old China set came crashing to her tile floor and for a few brief seconds it felt as if the house was collapsing! I suppose it was the reading of the Arizona tornado at the moment of the big crash that made a brief connection in my mind. I’ve never been in a tornado, but it was just the same feeling I imagined a tornado would seem like.

Mary’s 50-year-old china set was a wedding present from her mother.

It all goes back to Mary’s philosophy of life of “Bite off more than you can chew!”. Mary is famous for putting 10 pounds of stuff into a 5 pound sack. In this case it was put 100 pounds of China on a 50 pound shelf! She believes the China set was on that shelf for 33 years, but it finally gave up carrying the overload.

In other news…
yesterday it was mostly cloudy and the temp only got to 61 degrees and I got to finish washing the outside of our motorhome. It was a big job and it was really dirty. It’s nice to have it clean again. The cleaning process of cleaning the inside and the outside storage compartments will continue in days to come.

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