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Without knowing my return date, making a last-minute reservation put me on a late afternoon flight.  Instead of reading a book I became enchanted by the view from the window. We’ve all seen them. The beautiful patchwork of the fields, road and streams beneath us.

Remember that  phase of  “crop circle” mysteries in England and a few in the U.S.?  Could it be a sun filled day flight gave some prankster the idea?

I challenge anyone to paint a picture any prettier than this snow streaked mountain top peeking through the clouds. I speculated,   most likely Mt. Shasta.

I challenged my geography trying to figure out what volcano this could be.  I knew this wasn’t Mt. St. Helens. Perhaps a   Lassen Volcano?   And, what state am I flying over anyway?

Another noticeable peak. The flight magazine was no help at determining our flight path. How far were we from the coast at any point. I decided it was enough to just snooze a little and enjoy the artwork flowing by.

It took a while before I realized this interesting mountain patchwork was made by clear cutting in the Cascades, which many people, myself included, consider a destructive, unsustainable logging practice.

Even catching sunlight on the bright red portion of the wing made a pretty picture.

The ground crew snaps into action, the baggage cart is already swiftly moving. The fuel truck backs up next to the plane. Not a moment wasted.

As I sit across from my partner this morning blogging, I’m happy to be back in my “other” home for another couple of months. We are parked just outside of Mt. Vernon, Washington.

I looked up Cascade Range Mountains. I was totally blown away by how many I had to choose from as I was guessing. If you’d like to look check this link:

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