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We left Rogue River for Redding, California where we usually stop and spend a night in the Moose Club’s parking lot. I have many pictures of beautiful Mount Shasta because I’ve made this trip often to my place in Rogue. This time it was under cloud cover, but still beautiful. A very thin cover of snow, where normally, it is heavily snowed all  year.

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The drive through the Siskiyou pass is beautiful. We were spared much rain, but the clouds boiled and threatened.

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We passed what should have been Lake Shasta and it was empty except for a trickle of the original river winding through the bottom of the canyon. I was stunned to see it.  I tried but didn’t get the picture from the window.  Several miles later, Banner Bay still retained some water. It is scary and we have to wonder what will summer be like next year if this is a long-term pattern as scientists are predicting?

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Then we were in for another shock at the Moose Club. Their club is 102 years old. Their beautiful building, swimming pool and so on, is 65 years old. They, like other fraternal organizations, with dwindling memberships, were facing bankruptcy. They sold out and will be out of their building  by Oct. 12th. What a bummer. We wouldn’t have been able to even speak to anyone if they hadn’t been in the process of cleaning out accumulated stuff and getting ready for a “garage” sale this weekend. Everyone was saddened by this turn of events and we spent a couple of hours commiserating with them and trying to find something to buy. I’m at a time in my life where getting rid of stuff is my goal and I need nothing, not to mention no room in the Motor Home. They hope to find a smaller place and keep their charter going.

And, to top off more bad news, Jackson Co. officials claim they never received the phone reservation for the inspection of my building foundation framing. I’m so appalled by the repeated series of mistakes they’ve made over this small building, I’ve contacted an attorney to see what, if anything, I can do about it.


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It has been a bittersweet time for me this trip home. Not only still recuperating from the accident in May of last year, but the flood damage to my mobile home in Oregon. I had to prove to the county that the structure no longer exists or they would continue to tax me on it as a dwelling for the rest of my life. I had no idea I would have to supply pictures, but that was the requirement. And, the pictures had to prove they were taken from my site.

IMG_2241 (Copy)

Lucky for me the salvage guy hadn’t yet removed the steel frame, and that I had my camera along. Many good memories went up with the bonfire to burn the trash.

IMG_2244 (Copy)

A neighbor stacked and burned the mess for me on a burn day. My neighbors have been invaluable, helpful and I’m very grateful for their help.

IMG_2235 (Copy)

I got a little emotional. The building department was very efficient and helpful, but the future rebuilding is still in question as it depends on the cost of re-establishing a residence in the 100 year flood plain. Thankfully, my son Doug,  built bridges for a living for several years and he is up to the task. And, I always appreciate the beauty of Mt. Shasta that dominates Highway 5 for miles and miles along the way up over the pass. It was covered with snow during a recent storm.  I’m looking for the sliver lining under this cloud.

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Without knowing my return date, making a last-minute reservation put me on a late afternoon flight.  Instead of reading a book I became enchanted by the view from the window. We’ve all seen them. The beautiful patchwork of the fields, road and streams beneath us.

Remember that  phase of  “crop circle” mysteries in England and a few in the U.S.?  Could it be a sun filled day flight gave some prankster the idea?

I challenge anyone to paint a picture any prettier than this snow streaked mountain top peeking through the clouds. I speculated,   most likely Mt. Shasta.

I challenged my geography trying to figure out what volcano this could be.  I knew this wasn’t Mt. St. Helens. Perhaps a   Lassen Volcano?   And, what state am I flying over anyway?

Another noticeable peak. The flight magazine was no help at determining our flight path. How far were we from the coast at any point. I decided it was enough to just snooze a little and enjoy the artwork flowing by.

It took a while before I realized this interesting mountain patchwork was made by clear cutting in the Cascades, which many people, myself included, consider a destructive, unsustainable logging practice.

Even catching sunlight on the bright red portion of the wing made a pretty picture.

The ground crew snaps into action, the baggage cart is already swiftly moving. The fuel truck backs up next to the plane. Not a moment wasted.

As I sit across from my partner this morning blogging, I’m happy to be back in my “other” home for another couple of months. We are parked just outside of Mt. Vernon, Washington.

I looked up Cascade Range Mountains. I was totally blown away by how many I had to choose from as I was guessing. If you’d like to look check this link:

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Its so brilliantly white, just popping up in front of you from the surrounding green, its hard to believe its real. Even through the bug spattered windshield, Mt. Shasta is an imposing sight. We moved from Redding to Rogue River, Oregon. Driving over the Siskiyous is always a beautiful, scenic trip at this time of year. But, Shasta…is Shasta. The most snow I’ve ever seen on her slopes at this time of year.

Lake Shasta, usually has a red soil  line beneath the trees from its all time high level. This is the first time I’ve seen it with the water sloshing up to tree level.

As we got closer, I couldn’t resist shot after shot of this gorgeous mountain.

And the startling Black Butte was equally beautiful, with more greenery than I can remember, and with a slash of snow in a crevice as well.

The State of Jefferson has a bigger sign, freshly painted, most likely reflecting new activity from the proposed new leadership such as Mark Smith who has gone to Washington D.C. three times as a delegate to push their cause.

On my own property in Rogue River, the river was deep and wide with only a small section of white water and one downed tree with a root ball sticking up in the air.

I got my fire suppression arranged so I can sign off when the work is done. Oregon wants a personal certification from the land owner that you’ve complied with the removal of any endangering vegetative fuels. There is plenty of that this year. All is well. I love this place on the river, despite the fact that about half of my   seven acres floods every now and then  according to the neighbors. The mobile and well house have never been under water, though as far back as anyone can remember.

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