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We moved from Dartmouth to Ivoryton, Connecticut yesterday. On the road,  I took one picture  of a cloud formation over the tree filled landscape that appeared like a snow covered mountain top similar to Mount Shasta in California.

DSC08085 (Copy)

When we reached our destination at Jim’s son’s house, we discovered we had no signal. Jim took two trips to Verizon in Old Saybrook and by 8:30 last night, we finally got a signal.

I’ve been reading what our lawmakers have not been doing. So, during our lawmakers summer break, they flee Washington and return to their home states and towns supposedly because they need a vacation from the rigors of the job. Now is the time to ask some poignant questions. For me, I’ll ask McClintock, why, when it comes to protecting a big swath of the high sierras, he says we residents are the endangered specie, not the newly discovered yellow frog. I guess mining and lumbering every inch of the sierras is okay with him. Everyone I know cherishes it for its crystal clear lakes, fishing and scenic beauty.

Here is a question for you. Should the federal government use your tax dollars to subsidize million-dollar bonuses for corporate CEOs? A 1993 tax law intended to limit corporate tax deductions for executive compensation contains a loophole that might better be termed a loop-crater. The law permits publicly traded corporations to deduct “performance-based” pay lavished on top executives, which means, taxpayers like you and me are subsidizing multimillion-dollar bonuses and stock options that encourage high-level employees to prioritize short-term profits over the long-term health of their own companies and even our entire economy. Maybe we should point that out to our illustrious lawmakers.

Or maybe you’d like to ask your congressperson why Monsanto is allowed to corrupt our food supply? And why they don’t have to label their products as GMO modified like they do in other countries?  And, now that the seeds aren’t exactly working as they thought, (a food spy noticed they had to crop dust a GMO field of corn because the weed killer was not working as planned) why are they allowed to threaten and monopolize our seed supply?  Super weeds grow right along side of the corn and rice threatening an imbalance of nature right off the bat. Past experience proves it isn’t a good idea to mess with Mother Nature.

Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have touched 400 parts per million for the first time in at least 800,000 years.  Human greenhouse gas pollution looks set to continue to rise. Scientists are trying plastic plants to suck up carbon dioxide but photosynthetic plants  on land or at sea can only do so much. Seems to me planting more trees and cutting less should be the easiest, cheapest and most obvious solution. Tell your congressperson that! Half of them don’t even believe we are  over-heating our planet.

Well, I’ve had my rant. Guess it’s time to find a tree-shaded state park before Congress lets them cut all the trees down.


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