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I’m always fascinated by the common object as seen through the eyes of different designers. I guess that’s what makes art. My collectiholic brain is drawn toward themes. Today, I need time “on the bench” since yesterday was so busy. The one above I found on an old train car at Seaside, Oregon.
These are just two mosaic benches that sit outside the Yuma, AZ Public Library

This smart cat garden bench is from La Connor, WA. along with the two that follow. La Conner could reasonably be called Bench City, since there were so many of them around town.

This heavy wooden wagon wheel bench can be found in Mercer Caverns Store. Its actually comfortable to sit on.

Metal benches can only be located in cool places like this public bench in San Francisco.

The two above are both from Blaine, WA. For a day like today, (summer in fall) The ivy bench beckons.

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