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Cherokee Landing is the name of the park we’re camped in near Saulsbury, Tennessee. It is green and beautiful in this part of the country as we follow the lush area along the banks of the Tennessee River.

DSC05022 (Copy)

The Park has a small lake we visited on a mid-morning stroll. Placid and pretty.

DSC05010 (Copy)

We inadvertently frightened  geese feeding on a shaded bank of the lake.

DSC05012 (Copy)

Which then gave us the added pleasure of watching them swim toward the opposite bank.

DSC05014 (Copy)


DSC05016 (Copy)

They made fast for an area with a nesting box, though we have seen no goslings-yet!

DSC05033 (Copy)

The lake so still it made a perfect mirror.

DSC05021 (Copy)

After dinner, we took a second stroll by the lake. The drake above set apart from the flock, perhaps ostracized because he has a dead foot. He must have been injured some time ago. A determined survivor.DSC05029 (Copy)

The evening shadows long and milky.

DSC05028 (Copy)

A welcome wildflower patch that looks to be related to violets.

DSC05031 (Copy)

A pine bow, ripe with pollinating catkins. Soon cones will grow. My intention is to rest and slow the pace and heal while I’m here so I can again regain strength enough to keep up with Jim. (It is tough to limit oneself when I’m used to doing anything I want.) But, life is good.

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