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P1010997 (Copy)Daughter-in-law Laurie, greeting guests coming to my 75th birthday party. At some point, I think maybe birthdays should be forgotten, but 75 is a milestone of sorts.

P1020006 (Copy)My son Ken meets and greets our  old friends and relatives.

P1020022 (Copy)And then for awhile there was a whole lot of huggin’ goin’ on.P1020104 (Copy).

P1020042 (Copy).

P1020078 (Copy).

P1020051 (Copy)The littlest cousin and the biggest cousin.

P1020060 (Copy).

P1020013 (Copy).

P1020026 (Copy)Since this was an Oktoberfest birthday combo, Laurie got me into a hat.P1020016 (Copy)We all adore Abbie and especially like to try on her hair. She let me borrow it for a few seconds so I could feel young again.

P1020033 (Copy)The wine flowed-

P1020124 (Copy)A taste of what’s to come, passed around. Yum.

P1020151 (Copy)Ninety year old Bill Foster told everyone that he asked the man upstairs to take a couple strokes off his golf game, but he misunderstood and gave him a stroke instead. A lesson in never losing your sense of humor. His wife June is 88 but looks 65.

P1020085 (Copy)My favorite and long time quilting buddy, Kendra.

P1020031 (Copy)I think brother Stew is trying to convince brother Mason to grow a mustache.

P1020082 (Copy)Long time friend, Paul Moller from Calaveras Community TV.

P1020136 (Copy)Jim borrowed Abbie’s air for a mustache-

P1020193 (Copy)-but, then she put him through all of the props.

Anthony,Norma & Abbie

Anthony,Norma & Abbie. Abbie is an organizer like her mom who took all the pictures of my party.

P1020173 (Copy)Then they put me on the hot seat. I said no gifts.

P1020182 (Copy)Mostly jokes, lovely cards and fun.

Tom and Eleanor

Tom and Eleanor. All too soon it was time to call it a day. And, the end of a year.

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A good time was had by all!

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DSC08221 (Copy)

When a girl turns sixteen, it is a “sweet sixteen” party. What do you call a boy as he turns 16? It is a milestone to turn 16. For one, you can get a job, you can drive and in a way, it is a crossover to manhood. So, maybe goodbye childhood. But, there is no handy moniker for the event. Parents, Jim and Wendy organized a barbecue. His girlfriend, Stephanie (seated left) made him his own personal bowl of home-made macaroni and cheese. Neat!

DSC08223 (Copy)

It was a nice relaxing afternoon to enjoy the kids, our last time together and some welcome beautiful weather.

DSC08225 (Copy)

Eric talked his mother and youngest sister, Jaime into a tag football game. Eric explains the rules to them.

DSC08227 (Copy)

Wendy throws to Jaime. Jim got in the game to hike the ball and mark the down lines.

DSC08228 (Copy)

Eric and Stephanie huddle and strategize. It is Wendy and Jaime against Eric and Stephanie.

I don’t know who won because everyone was having fun and laughing a lot and it really didn’t matter.

DSC08233 (Copy)

Then it was time for cake and ice cream. The cake was decorated by sister Jocelyn.

DSC08230 (Copy)

It was a happy day for a young man with amazing potential to become a pro ball player, which is his dream.  And, a beautiful day to enjoy a family gathering full of food, fun and laughter. Ciao!

We leave Ivoryton this a.m. and head North West.

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