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If You Love To Read…You Should Read This!

In yesterday’s Blog posting I spoke of a new problem I had just developed. I had just accidentally discovered the author Michael Connelly and now I wanted find all of his about 25 books so I can read them in the order as written to follow the character’s development.

If you are a long-time reader of my Blog, you might remember this May 31, 2010 entry about my favorite bookstore in all of the United States…The Book Barn in Niantic, Connecticut.

They have over 350,000 books and their paperbacks are only $1.00 each.

In two trips to the Book Barn last summer, I bought  total of 67 books!

Here’s their website link…

So…back to my problem. I didn’t know if The Book Barn offered this service, so I decided to send them an Email and ask. I told them of my interest in acquiring books by Micheal Connelly and could they ship them to me?

A short while later I got a response from Julia at The Book Barn and she said yes, they could do that. She identified the titles they had in stock…I told her which ones I wanted…I gave her the shipping address…then called her at 860-739-5715 to provide the credit card information to complete the order. I’m getting 13 books for $13 and $4.50 shipping. Total order $17.50!

Then I asked if she could keep an eye out for the other titles I’ll be looking for and she said yes, she could do that. She’ll email me whenever they get a title I’m seeking.

So, if you are having problems locating a book or books…contact Julia at the above shown contact information and she’ll be glad to help you out.

Seems like in today’s world if I ask a company’s employee if they can do something for me, inevitability the answer is “no, we can’t do that!” How refreshing it is to have someone say…”Sure, we can do that!”

Well Done, Julia!

I sure wish there was a Book Barn in every town/city in which I visit!

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I Just Did Something I Very Rarely Do…

I started full-time RVing in 1995…16 years ago. In that time I’ll guarantee that I have not gone and seen a movie in a theater more than three times in all that time because I consider modern-day movies junk (just like TV) and not worth my time. I’d rather read a book or go for a walk. Well, I went and did just that yesterday…I went and saw a movie in a theater!

Here’s how it all came about. A couple of weeks ago I stopped at a Salvation Army Store in Gilroy, California looking for used books. I have been an avid reader all of my life and read on average 2-3 books a week when not on the road. So, I’m constantly looking to resupply my stash of waiting-to-be-read books in order that I do not run out of books to read. I’m certain I’ve read over 2,000 books since I started RVing full-time.

Back to my story…I bought three books that day. One was by an author I did not recognize. I need to interject that since I stumbled upon John Grisham’s book…A Time to Kill about five years ago and I’ve been hooked on courtroom drama books ever since and have read all the courtroom classics books.

Anyways, the name of the book is The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly and it  turned out to be a great story!

Here’s a synopsis of the plot from Michael Connelly’s website…


The Lincoln Lawyer (2005)

Mickey Haller has spent all his professional life afraid that he wouldn’t recognize innocence if it stood right in front of him. But what he should have been on the watch for was evil.

Haller is a Lincoln Lawyer, a criminal defense attorney who operates out of the back seat of his Lincoln Town Car, traveling between the far-flung courthouses of Los Angeles to defend clients of every kind. Bikers, con artists, drunk drivers, drug dealers — they’re all on Mickey Haller’s client list. For him, the law is rarely about guilt or innocence — it’s about negotiation and manipulation. Sometimes it’s even about justice.

A Beverly Hills playboy arrested for attacking a woman he picked up in a bar chooses Haller to defend him, and Mickey has his first high-paying client in years. It is a defense attorney’s dream, what they call a franchise case. And as the evidence stacks up, Haller comes to believe this may be the easiest case of his career.

Then someone close to him is murdered and Haller discovers that his search for innocence has brought him face-to-face with evil as pure as a flame. To escape without being burned, he must deploy every tactic, feint, and instinct in his arsenal — this time to save his own life.


I went to his website at to investigate what other books he has written and was immediately surprised to see that The Lincoln Lawyer was recently released as a movie and is currently being shown in theaters every where. Here’s the poster image…

Quite a coincidence that Matthew McConaughey plays the lead role as the attorney as he played the lead role as the attorney in the film adaptation of John Grisham’s A Time To Kill. It proved to be a very interesting and well-done movie closely following the book. That’s my compliant with most movies…once you’ve read the book…the movies are usually disappointing.

When I went to Michael Connelly’s website

I found he has written a number of other books and now I have a new problem. Since I’m an ex-engineer I like to read books in the order they were written so I can follow the character’s growth. Now I’ve got to go out and find all of his books. Oh well, if that’s the biggest problem I’ve got…so be it!

Go see the movie, you’ll enjoy it!

Why is a good book like an RV???? Because both can take you to wonderful places!!!!

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2011
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