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I went to lunch at the American Village in Mesa with my friend Joan Higgins  on Wednesday.  The pies here are renowned and I intended to try a piece.  But, the entree was so filling I never got a chance. Their sign  is really good advice.

I hadn’t seen Joan in two years and that happens with my ramblin’ lifestyle. Joan lives in Miwuk, near me in Murphys.  She’s a snowbird and spends winters in Mesa.

But, on the other hand, ramblin’ means I get to see people I wouldn’t have seen in many more years than that. My cousin Karen lives in Apache Junction. Still in her hospital uniform, we had breakfast when she got off shift on Thursday morning.

Yesterday, I did some  yoga, went swimming while the washing was running, and late in the day, watched an episode of PBS’s Downton Abbey on my computer, a program I’ve become addicted too. It has one more episode to the conclusion.

Joan gave me a great line. She said, “I’m not going on a cruise, I’m not getting a face lift, so I might as well spend it on my kids.”

Two lessons learned:   Eat dessert first, I can do that.  And, I’m not going on a cruise or having a face lift. Might as well spend the money. (It works like manure and makes things grow.)

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Good Friends Come To Visit…

We’re still at the Golden Sun RV Resort in Apache Junction, Arizona where we will remain hanging out and visiting with friends. See my Blog entry for more information about this place…

Yesterday my good friends Aaron and Cheryl came to visit us. We had an enjoyable three-hour visit during which time we shared a nice breakfast at a local restaurant. They are avid dancers and come to Mesa, Arizona because there’s lot’s of dancing here during the Winter season. They qualify as my “most unusual” friends which means an abundance of laughter.

We last saw them at their home in Oregon last October. Because the RVing lifestyle is a mobile society, based on our current plans, we will not cross paths with them again until 2014. RVers never say “Good-Bye”, instead when we part company we say “See you down the road!”

If you are not familiar with our current travel plans for 2012-2013…you can click this link to find out…

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Fred Astaire, Jr????

In my last two Blog entries, I mentioned my good friend Aaron, but I did not tell you what he is doing in this area. For a number of years he has spent January through March of each year…Ballroom Dancing!

Yesterday Mary and I went to Mesa, AZ (about 12 miles from our location at Apache Junction) to watch him dance. He was at a two-hour, level six (the highest level of expertise) dance lesson with his friend, Judy. There were more than 50 couples in attendance.


To see a short video of Aaron and Judy in action…click this link…

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Re-meet my good friends Aaron & CeeCee

We first met in Quartzsite, AZ in January, 1997 under some unusual circumstances…but, that’s a story for another time. We have been good friends since that time. Like most of my friends, I only get to see them occasionally due to my mobile lifestyle. We last crossed paths during the summer of 2007 in Birch Bay, WA. Each January through March they park their RV in Mesa, AZ where they enjoy dancing most every day.

CeeCee, Aaron and their dog, Shaka.

Please excuse the poor photo…lots of harsh background from the Arizona Sun. Did I mention it was 70 degrees yesterday?

They arrived on Sunday and that afternoon Aaron helped me install a new larger hard drive in my computer. He’s kinda a computer geek. Yesterday he help me install three new belts on my Bronco II engine which is a two-person job.

CeeCee loves cook. Sunday was a delicious shrimp dinner and last night we had lobster!

The best we can determine, we will probably not cross paths again until about May, 2011. That’s the only downside to a full-timing RV lifestyle…you just don’t get to see your good friends often enough!

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