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We Arrive On The Island Of Martha’s Vineyard!

Jim says:

We have finally arrived the island of Martha’s Vineyard off of the southeast coast of Massachusetts. My favorite place on the whole east coast of the United States!

The below map shows my route since November 30, 2009.

My journey since November 30, 2009.

Here’s a Google Earth view of Martha’s Vineyard…

The white line indicates the ferry route. The CG indicates the location of our campground.

Here’s what we saw along the way…

The Cape Cod Railroad Bridge.

Here’s a Wikipedia informational link about the Cape Cod Railroad Bridge…

Our ferry awaits us.
Inside the ferry, they really packed us in. Left side clearance was four inches and six inches on the right. We could not open the door to get out of the motorhome. Our view through the windshield was a truck carrying cobblestones. We read our books during the passage.
Our campsite.

Here’s the link for our campground…

Here’s a Wikipedia informational link about Martha’s Vineyard…

We got settled in about 2:30 PM and it started to rain. Rather than wander around in the rain, we watched the movie Jaws, which Mary had never seen, which was filmed on Martha’s Vineyard. It gave Mary an opportunity to see some of the actual beautiful scenery she’ll get to see during our week on the island.

Mary really liked the movie…we’ll start our sight-seeing today.

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