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It Seems Like A Laugh A Minute…

Mary and I share a delightful relationship. It seems like all we do is laugh. Without even trying (not on purpose…that is) she keeps me constantly laughing. Here’s just one example from yesterday…

We arise early every morning…usually between 5:00 and 5:30 AM. Yesterday I morning something attracted me to Mary’s feet. I looked down and there it was…she had on one brown sock and one red sock!

She had gotten dressed in the dark without turning on a light and it just happened. This is just one small example. She’s so funny I’ve gotten to calling her Lucy Ball Matzek.

I have long-believed that lots of laughter is good for the soul and your general well-being. Thanks to Mary…I’m in really good shape in that department.

Much to my surprise…Mary says I’m also a very funny guy.

Mary and I share lots of real nice things together. I’m so very glad that laughter is is so very high upon the list!

Bring on the next laugh Lucy Ball Matzek…I can hardly wait!

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