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I’m in Murphys for a reason. To get important chores done. They never go away, it seems. It was time to take the lists, make an assessment of what I can and cannot finish and plan my return.

On that list was to replace my stolen bike. And I did.  But, it isn’t new! And, I don’t actually have it yet. I went to a bicycle shop, Ken’s Bike and Ski, in Davis, and another shop as well. I rode six different bikes and the one that was comfortable and stood out from the rest, I bought. It maneuvered beautifully, light in weight, fit me perfectly, and I was estactic. I got home, on my own hilly terrain and my calves and thighs seized painfully within a mile. Yesterday, I drove back 121 miles to Davis. The manager talked me into keeping it. I respected his words when he said, “We don’t want to send you home with a bike you are uncomfortable with.”  He took a laser measurement of my whole body. He adjusted the bike, seat and handlebars several times. He watched me ride and assessed my positioning and habits and I started back home. But, before driving the distance I decided to try the bike on the Davis Bike Paths  where you can get a serious bike workout. After a 45 minute ride,  serious cramping in my calves and thighs was no longer a problem.  But one thumb went numb and one knee tweaked and my shoulders were uncomfortable.  These highly engineered bikes require  a specialized fit as all of YOU probably already know. I’m a newbie. It’s easier to buy a car than a bike!

And, I must say, the people at Ken’s Bike And Ski were terrific folks to deal with. I just didn’t have the time to spend another couple of days going back and forth for the adjustments they offered me.  In the meantime, my son-in-law has given me his old “junker” bike, which never gives me a problem when I ride it. Plus, it will have less appeal to a thief. At Ken’s Bike Shop, I bought a wonderful kryptonite chain lock that  can’t be cut with a bolt cutter. I won’t be able to connect it to the motor home until November, so Jim and I will have to share his bike until then.

Today, is revamp the lists, finish up what cannot wait and make return travel arrangements.

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