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Home Theater Experience On The Road…

A short while back we decided to upgrade our TV in the motorhome even though we are not big TV watchers. We replaced the original 20 inch, 58 pound monster that was installed at the time the coach was manufactured in February, 2006 and showing signs of impending failure. We replaced it with an LG 26 inch LCD-LED flat screen that weighs a mere 11.2 pounds.

In the last two evenings I watched the TV in earnest for the first time since leaving Mary’s home ten days ago. I decided to watch a two PBS VHS tape of Lewis & Clark…a total of four hours viewing…

These VHS tapes were fabricated in 1997. Despite being 14 years old, I was truly impressed with the clarity and the vivid colors when seen on the new TV…

As they say…the photos I took just don’t do it justice. Nonetheless…when coupled with our six-channel surround sound system…the Home Theater experience is very realistic right here in the comfort of our home on wheels. Bring on the DVD’s!

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2011
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How Do I Mount This Thing???

A few days back I indicated we have decided to upgrade the TV in the motorhome. After thorough research on the Internet…we decided on a 26″LG Lcd Led TV.

We are replacing this seven year-old behemoth monster that is 20 inches deep and weighs a whopping 58.4 pounds…

That came out of this gaping hole…

With this TV that is 1.6 inches deep…weighs only 11 pounds and was designed to either sit on a table or mount on a wall…

I usually like to do my own work. But I know when I’m over my head (do not possess the skills) and do not have the proper tools to do a job.

That’s when I turn to the experts. In this case it’s Mary’s youngest son Doug who is a master carpenter. When he first looked at the project last Friday…he came up with the idea of mounting it on the back of the existing frame…which I must admit was a good idea. However when he arrived yesterday he informed us he had re-considered the problem and decided to build a new frame instead of using the old frame. Here he is doing just that…

He left for home…taking the new frame with him…indicating he needed to blunt/round sharp edges, sand and stain it. He said he’d be back in a couple of days.

In the meantime I’ve gone ahead and re-run all of the wiring connections and tested them to make sure I’ve routed them properly. Once Doug returns we’ll install everything…hopefully with no problems. Combined with our six-channel surround system we will soon be enjoying a home theater experience in the motorhome.

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2011
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Is This The Coalminer’s Daughter????

Jim says:

Nope! It’s Mary wearing her Energizer Headlamp. Why is she wearing that?…you ask.

We use these headlights to conserve coach battery power when we camp without electrical hookup.

Well, many times we camp at night without the benefit of being plugged into land-powered electrical system. We get electric power from our coach batteries…the process is termed…Boon-Docking.

When boon-docking (without electric, sewer or water connections) conservation of the on-board utilities becomes an important issue. My old motorhome had four coach batteries…our new/current motorhome has only two coach batteries.

To help conserve electric power while boon-docking Mary and I bought these coal-miner-like head lamps to use when it is dark. They are made by the Energizer Battery Company (you know…the Energizer Bunny!). They have a red LED and a white LED lamp. We use them when we read our books or work on with the computer. They work really well and cost only $12.99.

In other news…
We drove about 85 miles yesterday and arrived safely in Boone, North Carolina. I thought we were going to park at the VFW, but when we got there we found it to be on a very steep incline unsuitable for RV parking.

We found a some-what level Subaru dealership that was closed on Mother’s Day Sunday. We unhooked the Bronco and went exploring. First to the local visitors center we they help us with some good local information. They told us the Moose Lodge had a nice and level parking lot not far away. It sure does and that’s where parked the motorhome for last night.

In addition we visited a local attraction called Hickory Heights with old cabins.

A replica of an 1800’s North Carolina cabin.

Then we went to a genuine old-fashioned General Store.

The Mast General Store has been in business since 1883.

The colder weather front I mentioned being due soon finally arrived. They high for yesterday was only 57 degrees…30+degrees less than a couple of days ago. The low last night was 36 degrees and the Weather Wimp (that’s me) said Brrrrr!

Today we’ll get on the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway and continue our journey in a North-Easterly direction.

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2010
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Out with the old and in with the new…well, kinda sorta…

Yesterday mary and I did grocery shopping, did odds and ends chores in the motorhome and picked up some mail at the post office. One of the things that came in the mail was our new LED lights.

The old 12 volt bulb is on the left and the new 15 LED is on the right.

Our motorhome is equipped 24, 12 volt light bulbs that have been around for years. They burn quite hot, have an expected life of 3,000 hours and are not energy efficient…meaning they draw quite a bit of power…which presents a problem to us when we are boon-docking (not connected to shore-power electricity)…which draw heavily on our coach batteries…and sometimes run low on battery power…if it’s cloudy and our solar panels cannot refurbish the electric power we used the previous evening.

Whew…that was a long-winded explanation which I’m not really sure I did a good job of explaining. Anyways, to make long story short…we’ve been reading about the relatively new energy-efficient LED…for the lack of a better term…light bulb. They provide essentially the same lighting power and use only about 15% of the power of a standard 12 volt light bulb. In other words…for the amount of energy it took to light a standard 12 volt light bulb for one hour, the LED light can be lit for 6-7 hours using the same amount of power…and therein is the major reason for the change-over.

In addition they burn cool to the touch and have a life expectancy of 100,000 hours! The one previous drawback was they provided a very “cool” frequency of light…kind of blue in color. But now they come in “warm-white” which is much closer to the frequency of standard 12 volt light bulbs.

At $16 each…they’re not inexpensive! We decided to buy four to start with…primarily to replace the lights by which we use to read. Time will tell if we decide to replace more standard 12 volt light bulbs in the future.

In other news…We have an emergency escape window in the rear wall of our motorhome which started to leak during a heavy rainstorm in Texas. I bought some new weather-stripping yesterday and installed it upon our return from shopping. It rained quite heavily for several hours last night and now we have no more leaks!

Today will be another day of odds and ends activities around the motorhome. They’ve got to get done sometime! Tomorrow we will begin getting out and about in the New Orleans area.

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2010
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