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Coffee proved to be the most important element of the morning on Sunday for most. No formal, fancy, magazine breakfast for this reunion. People wandered in at various times, and chose their eats. Leftovers, as in chili dogs for some; cookies and or blackberry apple pie for others;  Boston cream pie or jalapeno kettle chips with dip.  Someone had macaroni salad. More conventional choices, mostly the kids, chose cereal, apricots and bananas, cherries, toast and peanut butter.  But who cares?

Dainty Abbie got dressed in her Sunday best-for awhile.

And Chrissy, who wants to grow up to be a princess, got her nails lacquered with color and glitter.

Tom spent the night fully clothed on the trampoline and claimed it made a comfortable bed. But, he was glad to have his electric “fly swatter”. The mosquitoes drove him in for an early breakfast. The kids thought the swatter was really cool and borrowed it for hunting expeditions at various times of the day.

Someone thought we should have the “facial hair” photo, missing  Jose who left early.

Why not a group picture of the kids?

Of course they thought it was the best time to be their silliest.

Well, it is their fun memory photo. And, we know what they really look like.

At the flume, yet another partial group photo. Left to right, Daniel, Bev, Abby,Mary, Virginia, Chrissy,Kristanne, Richard, Cathy, Austin and Marty.

Susie and Sutter.

Marty and Theo.

Marty entrusted his cigarettes to Virginia wearing a top. She got dunked.

Ted and Tyler.

After awhile, floating isn’t exciting enough. Time to try jumping off the bridge on an over-hanging tree limb.

The next challenge is to see how long you can remain standing on the stationary tube in the swift current.

Grandma Eunice came up for the day from Stockton and enjoyed watching everyone play in the flume while visiting  with daughter Cathy.

More tomorrow.

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