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We woke up to a glorious sunrise at Dome Mountain; a clear, sunny day. Jim wanted to show me a signature cactus, one of the largest saguaro type cactuses identified in the area. He knew the exact spot, but it was gone. We asked around and from all accounts, it had fallen.  We were told that Huel Howser, who programs for Public Television, recently did a program about the giant cactus with fifty or a hundred arms?  Jim wasn’t sure how many, except that it was an exceptional cactus much like these pictured above. One of them has 26 arms.
They do have predators as you can see from the base of this giant.

Its been chewed by some animal which will cause it to topple some day. From quartzite we spotted what looked like fog in the distance. I thought it looked like dust, hanging close to the ground, even though there was no wind. When we caught up with it, we found miles and miles of dust hanging in the air from recreation vehicles, those dirt bikes, racing through the desert foothills on the Colorado River Indian Reservation just north of Parker, Arizona. The destruction and air pollution was appalling but cheered on by an audience of aficionados sitting about the hillsides.

Our goal was to stop once more at Lake Havasu on our way back to Las Vegas. The country side is raw, jagged mountains,

with the appeal of desert next to water in this beautiful lake.

Some regard it as a vacation paradise.
Our goal was to hook up with Ted and Judy Price who are camped here in their RV.

They hail from Lacey, Washington, Jim’s former neighbors for 16 years. It was from Lacey he sold out and hit the road as a permanent RVer. Jim regards them as the best neighbors a person could hope to have. Judy still works, but Ted is retired from the Washington State Forest Service and likes to vacation near water. He loves his boat. We had a great visit over a couple of brewskis at the VFW in Lake Havasu. They commiserated with us over my bike. They carry a couple bikes with them as well.

In the shopping center near the VFW, this woman was working painting four windows. It was fascinating to watch and when I told her my talented daughter-in-law does murals and paints windows for free at her kids school and library, she offered a lot of advice on how to make it a business. The types of paint, house paint for the base, oil tempura colors, water washable. The types of brushes, rollers, sponge brushes cut to size, etc.

She told me how she charges and said the advertising is word of mouth. You make cards and if you can point to something you’ve done, your are off and running.

Everyone who passed by enjoyed watching her work. No office hours, little overhead and talent. Then, she very nicely offered to take our picture as Judy and Ted were leaving.

I met Ted and Judy at their home, in Washington,   the summer of 2009. I’m hoping to get them to come to Murphys and visit us. (I guess you can tell we are no longer on a megabyte restriction.)

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Lake Havasu was named for local Indians. The lake itself was formed by damming the Colorado River. Beautiful canyon country plus water, drew people to the area. Then when an entrepreneur developer bought the London Bridge and rebuilt part of it in Arizona, its charm and quaintness brought the real population rush.

Many communities established themselves around this beautiful lake. Like other parts of Arizona, the weather attracts Westerners who spend retirement winters here and live in a more northern clime. The attraction for snow birds and RVers is obvious. Like us, people enjoy the beauty and quiet serenity.

We left the area yesterday and spent the night in Yuma. We’ll be here for several days. We are still experiencing a low signal.

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An Area of Environmental Concern sign is posted along the road between Searchlight and Lake Havasu. We passed through miles and miles of desert. “Nothing” is what people still euphemistically call desert. We know better now.  Yet, Arizona cities sprawl all over the desert, seemingly without  regard to plowing up giant saguaros, Joshua trees and other rarified plants found here.  Sprawl. We noticed the same thing in Apache Junction when we were there. Planning doesn’t seem to exist, like Los Angeles in the 1950’s.

Thus it was cheering to see this giant solar electric plant sitting out toward the foothills, in the middle of  desert, quite distant from the highway.  From afar, it looked like a huge lake of blue. As we got closer, you could see the panels sitting out in the sun.

Another huge installation at Blythe, California is being built that will incorporate hydro, wind and solar to benefit Arizona, California and Nevada. Blythe is barely across the border from Arizona. Arizona wind and solar could support all of Arizona’s electrical needs plus some of California and Nevada, power needs. It could be known as the power state.

We  parked last night at Lake Havasu, Arizona. Both of us have previously seen the London Bridge and were unimpressed. So, we’ll spend no time here until on the way back when Jim will catch up with friends that will be moving through, Ted and Judy Price. Today, we are headed on to Yuma.

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Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Jim says:

Yesterday Mary and I drove the motorhome to Lake Havasu City, Arizona. It’s a distance of about 175 miles and a little more than halfway to our destination of Yuma, Arizona. It was a delightful 75 degrees at 4:00 PM with a low during the night of 40 degrees.


Here’s a photo taken along the way…


We parked in a vacant lot behind Moose Lodge #2269. Today we’ll continue our journey south towards Yuma.

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