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Wednesday afternoon, the river beside the motor home was less busy, but watching the floaters is compelling. I want to do it some day.

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Just as the sun was setting, another group floated by. It’s been a pleasant stay, but we packed up for Thursday morning’s departure and the last chance to meet with area friends.

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We had lunch in town on Wednesday with Al Penta. We often listen to Sirrius XM and put on music from the 50’s. Al gave Jim, two discs, one of music banned from radio in the 1950’s for being too risque, such as Annie Had A Baby.  Pretty mild stuff compared to today’s music. And, another of their 50th High School Reunion. Al was the singer in their group and can still recite the words to most of those old songs we heard on the raaa-de-o.

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I skipped down the street for a massage after lunch and caught a picture of “the bankers dog.  It wasn’t a bank, but doesn’t he look like a banker’s dog? It was an insurance office.

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We drove from Monroe to Lacy, Washington, Jim’s old hometown, and had lunch with Jan and Larry Seaberg, another old friend. On the road, you catch your friends when and where you can. Then we pushed on to Lake Cushman Park where my cousin has a campsite. David and Melissa Moore will arrive around noon, today. Labor Day Weekend should be quiet here, and, apparently rainy, but exciting for me since I haven’t connected with David since we were kids, a reunion of sorts.



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