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I Found A Crack…

in the kitchen sink plumbing assembly.

Shortly before our arrival at Mary’s home on October 10th, she indicated to me that there was water in the compartment under the kitchen sink. Since we are not at this moment living in the motorhome is was not a priority issue for me. I finally got to looking at the situation yesterday…

The inspection revealed one of the plastic components had a small crack which allowed for the minor leaking. I was able to find the replacement part at the local hardware store and replaced the broken piece. Then using a solution of backing soda and vinegar I cleaned the inside of the pipes and now all is well once again.

In an earlier Blog entry I discussed how it helps to be technically minded/inclined when you are an RVer. With a little of my time…of which I have plenty…and $1.10 for the replacement part…the problem was resolved. I’m betting a place like Camping World would have gotten me a minimum of one hour’s labor for the job…which translates into $120. Then how much would they mark-up a $1.10 part? Don’t forget the sales tax.

A little technical skill goes a long way as an RVer. I’d much rather take the about $130 I would have paid at Camping World and put that money in the motorhome’s gas tank. A much better use for that money!

This was just one of the several other things I accomplished yesterday. 27 days until my departure.

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