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Congress Critters from both parties work against what is best for the 99% of working people who just want to raise their families, have a decent job,  and get a bit of fun out of life. I side with the party who champions working people most. But this came in my mail:

Democrats who shill for corporations at the expense of their constituents.  We must let them know we are watching and won’t forget when it comes time for re-election.  I’m disgusted that I sent money to five of the people on this list and I’ve let it be known I won’t send another dollar.  That is a Republican bill trying to gut the DODD-FRANK protections from another Wall Street melt down.(It didn’t pass, by the way.)

The second one is the Keystone Pipeline. The Governor of North Dakota keeps touting the jobs it will bring, some say exaggerated numbers, but no mention is made about the town flooded with oil from a pipeline leak that ruined their wells and made them evacuate their homes and businesses. Leaks, we are told, happen all the time in these pipelines.  Gas is at its cheapest in years and we don’t need that pipeline. It is an environmental disaster as we get cleaner and cleaner energy.


I can’t say they are ALL TOTALLY bad, but it needs watching.

And, since I’m on the subject of congress critters, I should apologize for this, but these people are holding public office. All are newly elected Republicans for 2015.



20140106_new_congress_v3_05 (Copy)

20140106_new_congress_v3_03 (Copy)20140106_new_congress_v3_06 (Copy)There are a lot of good Republicans out there, but, are there so few good ones around they vote in people so out of touch with reality?

My information came from Daily KOS.

Well, I’ve had my rant for the day. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have something more positive on my mind.




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