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DSC01108 (Copy)

As we traveled through Eastern Washington State, the small hills and trees gave way to plains.DSC01121 (Copy)

We drove through miles and miles of dry farming, wide expanses with hardly a house visible. DSC01113 (Copy)

I enjoyed picking out the plow marks in the fields. This was taken through the windshield through the drivers side of the road.

DSC01124 (Copy)


DSC01126 (Copy)


DSC01127 (Copy)


DSC01133 (Copy)


DSC01129 (Copy)

Kind of reminds me of that old western song, “…bury me on the lone prairie.”  Even though this area was never technically prairie.

DSC01136 (Copy)

As we got closer to Coulee, the results of the dam became evident. Irrigated fields and occasional swaths of bright green. DSC01137 (Copy)

Small towns kind of stuck in the 1950’s it seemed to me. Like the Ala Cozy Motel.

DSC01141 (Copy)

We are camped at Baker lake at Coulee City Park. The lake was formed by Baker Dam, many years ago. The Coulee Dam is about 25 miles from this little city and we decided not to visit.

DSC01143 (Copy)

We walked out to a promontory, watched the ducks, looked over the swimming area and boat launch then retired to the motor home and watched an old video after dinner, Absence of Malice.

DSC01104 (Copy)

I guess the most exciting part of our day was the fruit we ate in place of a salad. I bought a jack fruit.

DSC01105 (Copy)

I hadn’t tasted one before. It slices nicely. The red peel comes off easily with your fingers. It is sweet and tasty. I think its appeal is the color and the exoticism. The market peaches and pears are superior right now. Better, and closer to home.

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