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Marathon fun is what we like about our family and friends reunion. Not everyone likes to flume, however.  Brothers Bill,

and Clark,

and Clark’s fiancee Theresa, stay away from the flume. The kids thought it was cool when we requested that they squirt us with their squirt guns to help us keep cool.

Ted ended up the undisputed champion at horseshoes.  I saw the pros play in Texas and I tried to show them how it was really done, but they declined to listen.

The gang likes to get in a game or two of  hearts. Others played solitaire and cribbage.

As the day ended, even the adults got silly with balloons and glow glasses.

Theo put the balloons to another use and things got even sillier.

We decided against fireworks and at the end of the day, the kids were happy with S’mores prepared around a small barbeque pit. Several of us decided to take a walk and ran into my neighbors Cameron Stewart and Bob Snowdon at  my driveway entrance with rifles. They were chasing a herd of five feral pigs roaming the neighborhood and wrecking gardens and ornamental plantings.  On down the road, we ran into three more hunters. We decided we’d better get out of gun range. I learned later they managed to kill two of them.  They are a new menace in Murphys.  The pigs normally range  in and around  Wilseyville and Railroad Flat.

The next morning, everyone pitched in for clean-up. The tents removed, garbage picked up, ice chests drained and leaves swept up, and life returned to normal. Sort of.

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Early in the day,Son Doug prepared the shish-ke-bob and marinated tri-tips and chicken with Hoagie keeping him company. Hoagie, a former neighbor came with his 14 year old daughter.

By one o’clock, everyone had moved to the flume for a pleasant float.

Clark stayed behind and did the barbecuing.

Wet and cool and hungry, it was time for some serious feasting and games.

The food, contributed by all was outstanding.  We gathered 44 family members, relatives and friends for this yearly event in Murphys.

Then the games began. There were horseshoe players and the watchers. A bit of volley ball on the side. The kids played on the trampoline, had squirt gun wars, and in general kept themselves happily occupied.

Adopted Daughter Karen has been the Bocce Queen for many years and lost her title this year. (That’s Karen in the middle.)

A new champ emerged among the younger set. Grandson Owen did 368 double bounces on the trampoline.

By nightfall, five tents were up, the house was wall to wall bags and shoes. Ice chests took up large portions of the decks. Everyone comfortably fed and worn out, was up for a small display of fireworks.
Kris reminded us it was Independence Day, and sang a patriotic song.

For an album of more pictures, click on the following link.

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