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I wonder why trickle down economics never worked, but today, trickle up poverty is sweeping the country?

If 1 % of the people own wealth equal to 90 % of the rest of us, why do they need more wealth before they will create more jobs?

What industry gets 7,610 dollars a minute in tax breaks (that’s four billion of OUR tax dollars ) while making 35.5 billion more profit  in this quarter than last quarter?    (Hint: A three-letter word beginning with O and ending with L.)

Who was the first President to borrow from Social Security?  ( Hint:  He also started that trickle down theory and was once a movie star.)

Who said “I vote for the rich guys, they are the only ones that can pay me?”    My cousin Rose said that.   (I guess I have that  backwards. I always thought a business couldn’t run if people didn’t show up to work everyday)

What is the most expensive cost to taxpayers?   (President Eisenhower warned us against it)    (Hint:  Its not housing, education, health care, or welfare.  The next time you are asked to donate, ask your candidate of choice about the cost of the military/industrial complex.)

The Federal Communications Commission has the power to provide a free elections channel or two or even three, just like most industrialized nations.  Why don’t they?  Wouldn’t it save money?  (Duh!)

Why is it the  rich are incentivized by tax cuts, while the poor are incentivized by lower wages, no benefits, no health insurance and  minimum wage?

Shouldn’t all corporations have to pay SOME taxes?

Isn’t money the same as speech?

Corporations are the same as a person, aren’t they?  (My friend Domenic said he’d  believe it when they execute one.)

In a democracy, anyone in America (with enough money)  can run for public office, right?

I’m sure I got that last one right. But, in general,  I failed economics. Jim says I should get back on the road so I don’t get riled up about these matters.

Or maybe I should go into a business like this?  But how would I get the politicians into the truck?



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