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WE ARE MORE ALIVE WHEN OUR HEARTS ARE CONSCIOUS OF OUR TREASURES.  I think that is a quote from Thornton Wilder.

I’m thinking of that Norman Rockwell Cover of the family with a big fat turkey on the table. I’m going to enjoy Thanksgiving at my son’s house in Valley Springs. As a family we always count our blessings and give thanks for what we have. And we will have that fat turkey at our table. People are generous at Thanksgiving and Christmas; Americans are very giving in general.

"Freedom From Want"  March 6 1943

Hunger in America is very high this year. People are hungry all year-long, not just over the holidays. I’m told by church members that food boxes at Thanksgiving cannot supply enough turkeys for every family in need this year in both counties, Tuolumne and Calaveras. I hope you dig deep and can help out  in your community.

With all the talk, (if they haven’t already done it,) about cutting food stamps, here is how the food stamp program works. It is a debit card and can’t be used for anything but food. It provides $7 a day. Remember that a half-gallon of milk is $3.50. Seven dollars does not go very far. The link below has information about the food stamp program, how it works, the myths and facts about people who use food stamps and so on.

Here from my Friend Dominic Torchia is a somewhat personal perspective:

!. Extremely efficient.

2. Grossly underfunded.

3. Insufficient benefits for the millions of poverty stricken Americans.

4. Hunger a crisis in America – “1 in 7 families is now considered food insecure.
(the highest it has been in America in recorded history)
5. Food banks are not able to keep up with the demands – and congress is set to cut the program amounts.
Let me tell you what it is like – information from friends and
family who are actually receiving food stamps. (by the way) they
get no welfare, disability, workman’s comp – nothing but
CMSP (if they are lucky) and $7 a day – $7 a day!! in food
stamps. Can they work? For many, no – for others, if someone
would hire them they would be on the job in the morning.
Members of congress make $90 an hour. In one hour a
member of congress makes what a hungry American
receives for food for 13 days. Who are the true “welfare


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