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Yesterday we had new tires put on the Motor Home, about a six-hour job. We knew nothing about the town of Wilsonville, except their Camping World gave us the best price on tires. We took the Bronco out and did some shopping on the way to the library.  Three different people we asked for a good place to have lunch  told us about Dar Essalam and we weren’t disappointed. The proprietors are personal and friendly. They bring you homemade houmus with pita points on a gorgeous plate.

The decor is plush and covers every inch of the place making you feel like you’ve walked into the Alhambra or Taj’ Mahal.

Their specialty mint tea tastes nothing like what I try to make at home. Delish. The teapot itself is unique. The server lifts it high in the air and pours it into a small, colorful glass and continually fills it during the meal.

Jim ordered chicken kabobs and I ordered the lamb with condiments in a pita wrap.  Both are served with a side that you choose. We both opted for the saffron rice and it was real saffron, not diluted with turmeric.

We found out Wilsonville has a population of 16,000. To find a Moroccan restaurant of such quality in a town of this size I think is unusual.

I kind of went goofy in the place taking pictures. But, suffice it to say, the food was delicious the service excellent the price medium. You can’t go wrong.

And then Leslie, from Perfect Look cut my hair. I tried to grow it a bit longer, but wash and wear is the only way to go on the road-for me anyway.

Again, for a town of this size, they had a beautiful visitors center. We only planned the one night here, so we didn’t go in. This beautiful sculpture stood outside of the building, and I never pass a beautiful sculpture if I can help it.  We never did get to the library.

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